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Mysterious “Virus” Outbreak TEARS through Canadian Daycares: Targets Young Children’s Lungs – Stew Peters

Another day, another media cover-up.

A mysterious virus is rampaging through Canada’s daycare centers.

Children as young as two-years old are being put on oxygen.
Yet the media mysteriously remains completely silent.

Children are suffering from this disease, yet the broken record of “wear your mask” continues to be on repeat.

To add to it all, the food shortage across the world is slowly become more and more of a reality. Watch out, or soon the main course of every meal will be insects!

Christopher Sky joins us today to bring this problem to light and to expose the corruption that lies deep in Canada.

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1 month ago

A mysterious ‘virus’?
More like fall out from nappy wearing!
Those poor kids!

1 month ago

Rumour has it wuhan experimented with blanket 5 or 6g at 60ghz – it splits the oxygen O2 molecule into radicals and now there is no O2 to breathe? Something like that. People instantly fell over dead. So perhaps it is the same. Enough towers, enough power, high enough frequency and you have no O2.

1 month ago

Chris Sky nailed it and its 100% true