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School Secretly Feeding Bugs To Kids: Communist Chinese Style Credit Scores Coming To The West

Australia continues to follow in the footsteps of the communist regime. Teachers are suffering for not getting the jab, Social credit is on the rise, and kids are being fed bugs without their parent’s knowledge. Maria Zeee joins us today to talk about this dilemma.

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3 months ago

All you need to do about the CO2 lie is stop and think. Life itself is dependent on the O2 CO2 cycle. All life. Plants, animals and humans. And the CO2 levels are not too high when thousands of years ago when earth had it’s most lush, livable green conditions, CO2 was 10 times the level it is now. They are sitting back laughing that we would buy a lie that CO2 level should be zero. Gates is scavenging and storing CO2, probably so he can use it when the planet is nearly dead.

2 months ago

Parents should read about the dangers of humans eating bugs. Research crittin. It is toxic to humans. Humans were not created to eat bugs. We are not birds or spiders. The goal is to starve us to death. Fill the belly with crap that will kill us.