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Stew Peters: ALERT: Unvaxxed 3-Year-Old DENIED HEART TRANSPLANT! Feds Spend BILLIONS to Weaponize IRS (FULL SHOW)

DeAnna Lorraine joins to expose how the IRS is weaponizing their special agents for "dangerous assignments," permitting the use of deadly force, and how China is employing facial recognition on their school children.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital is denying a 3-year-old his heart transplant, and father Wyatt Smith and aunt Stephanie join to share how the child's vaccine status is preventing his right to life.

A mysterious virus is rampaging through Canada’s daycare centers. Children as young as two-years-old are being put on oxygen. Chris Sky joins to call out the media's silence and warn about the coming severe food shortages.

Edward Szall joins to expose the FBI's attempts at DESTROYING President Donald Trump's life by raiding his Mar-A-Lago home in Florida.

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Kate Majava
1 month ago

We’re not supposed to wish bad on people but when people do bad things, they do deserve punishment. So if people like Biden got real sick and died, I just couldn’t feel bad at all. It seems too late to turn this country back to freedom – soooo sad and sickening!

Kate Majava
1 month ago

I’ll write a letter to Dr. Don Hayes, 3333 Burnett Ave, MLC 7041, Cinncinnati Childrens Hospital, Lung and Heart Transplant Programs, Cinncinnati, OH 54229 to let them know how I feel about “not” treating little precious Liam. This address is given at the end of this video. Please all of you who listen to this, lets write to him or call 513 803-7009. If this dr. doesn’t do the surgery, he’s guilty of the sin of omission (which means it’s wrong to not do something that should be done), especially when it involves saving the lives of innocent children).