Stew Peters: Exclusive Horrific Images: Circuits In Covid Jab Internet Router Causes Circuits To Self Assemble

Mat Taylor joins us once more on today’s show to expose the government’s plans to kill us all.

Implanted in the vaccine are self-assembling shapes triggered by Wi-Fi frequencies!

This could be the 5g connection we have been watching for!

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1 month ago

Get me some jab so i can check it out! So maybe the vaxXxed zombies need to wear tinfoil hats now to stop their new organelle/brains from being controlled by wifi? Well now who looks like a conspiracy theorist!

1 month ago

Whilst people comply on majority basis illegal laws and mandates hold power people would rather use their Bluetooth ear plugs knowing how dangerous they r cos it’s easier. The younger generation cannot fathom that apple would harm them let alone their government. My 12 year old tells me I am a conspiracy theorist so when his phone broke I refused to replace it. Still haven’t and won’t He can learn life all over again Take their phones take their gadgets retrain them Don’t enable harm in them by giving them phones and accounts The blame starts at home no buts no excuses your doing NWO a big service by helping kill off the kids

1 month ago

Now if the masses pull away from technology then the epic task of sensoring what we read and hear so brainwashing and pineal damage is easier to achieve is made so much easier. So we r so entrenched in their cycle trap that a complete ban on every outlet that have devised to get into our heads. No radio no tv no news no smart phones then they don’t have an audience. Go back to old phones that r not smart phones Don’t google Make up call list of all the places u need call the online shopping outlet place the order and we’ll the towers well they didn’t ask permission from communities to place unmetered dangerous signalling to install them. Turn off tvs at wall microwaves at wall LED stoves at wall they never asked permission to install spy objects into your homes demand local testing on safety omissions be done and publicly listed fir all to see and via mail letterbox mail. Emfs are making us sick. The reality of living in a world where your health is the biggest enemy to those so evil is rather diabolical but it’s real and happening. Addiction to their junk isn’t that hard to get rid of. Nigeria gave a diabolical amount of laps to kids all were found in a dump And If the poor are into it u would be pretty stupid if u didn’t catch on to

1 month ago

I already knew this by what GOD showed me along with research over 2 years ago. I have been trying to shift through everything and been trying to tell people and lost all platforms. thank you for finally getting this out. Most criticized or think I sound crazy. God bless all those fighting for humanity we have daunting work, and the enemy is relentless. This technology is a biometric integrated viral self-replicating lab created which incorporates software of life crap these technocrats created to create Borg like creatures (chimera) I like to call them so they can meld clay and iron into Satan’s new armies. this tech is using a person’s own mechanisms of operation to use resources intracellular to fulfil replication. They are using bacteria/virus to program since they found out their language, its complicated and don’t pretend to be the expert. God showed me that masses will die but those who don’t may not remain themselves when done. the reason so many dose variations along with another reason why these insane people are doing this is they are also testing the boundaries of what they can do to try to immortalize a cell and control it along with programing it to become enhanced. everything they are doing is attempting to cheat GOD and death and using the world what they call useless eaters as their lab rats. They tried biosynthetic bodies, and they cannot integrate the human soul into a synthetic so they went back and thought ok can we take the human body and integrate it to house a soul transfer. that part goes deep such as soul scraping a black magic crap whole other topic. currently they use technology and organ replacement to rejuvenate along with eating children’s blood which is an elixir of life. everything is connected. none of what going on is a separate thing all roads lead back to war with GOD and destruction of his creation and defiling of the little ones. You guys are doing a great job and GOD will be sending you more to expose on your platform. God is proud of those who are doing his work. GOD Bless stay safe