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Tucker Carlson: “Alarming Research About the Vaccine Coming Out” – Breanna Morello On Flyover Conservatives [VIDEO]

"Breanna Morello worked her way up in the mainstream media from the most entry-level position to working as a producer at Fox News, Newsmax, and MLB until they required the VAX to continue working for them." - Flyover Conservatives

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Harold Scott
28 days ago

Shouldn’t be “alarming!” I have been posting for a couple of years what one of the “inventors” of this ATTENUATOR, has been saying & WARNING. PLUS thre is a Nobel Prize Winner who for 2 years has been telling women of child bearing age; “DO NOT Take it!” I know folks on this site know, but it just makes me angry that when I did it on Facebook or Yahoo I got “FARTchecked!!!”

28 days ago

But the government is still trying to force it on federal workers, and DC is breaking the law by telling school children they can not get an education unless they get death shot, my husband lost his job at five cap because he refused death shot, they would not except his religious exception , he already had COVID so natural immunity was ignored also.

28 days ago

I said—under great stress, condemnation, and censor—that the COVID vaccine was not a vaccine but a toxic mix to compromise the immune system. There was no end to the line of vaccinated lemmings disparaging me for spreading misinformation. I was trying to help. I salute those closest to me who understood the danger and—like Breanna—were forced to quit their jobs under the mandate. These are the real heroes; people who faced such unconstitutional punishment but held fast to their values. What happens now? Will we drill down to the very core of this global subterfuge to identify the criminals behind it? If we do find those of the Global Cabal (Gates, Soros, Zuckerberg, etc.) guilty of clandestine planning for mass eugenics, will they pay the price of their evil end game? Surely, their front man Fauci should be the first to fall. But not until the last of them are “processed” should the hammer be wiped off and put away.

28 days ago

Many people need to be held accountable, American’s in 2025 will understand what these demo rats are trying to do, it’s not good for America

28 days ago

Breanna why are condemning Tucker , never seen where you have spoke about none of this, now you think your so great well sorry you aren’t . I’ll stick with Tucker . He may be behind but your in worst standing than Tucker is. . Your still scared so please judge someone else til you have been judged. If Tucker hadn’t spoke about behind or not you wouldn’t have nothing to talk about now would you . Condemn yourself first

28 days ago
Reply to  Mamasarah

Please learn English.

28 days ago

The information that Breanna discusses in this clip has been all over the “real” conservative news for 18 months. It’s a blessing that she is reacting, albeit with a delayed response.
Why doesn’t anyone just say it – the top brass at Fox News are woke globalists. Now that you know that, turn it off and move on to real news.

28 days ago
Reply to  Mark

Personally, I watch NEWSMAX TV.

Barbara Pavel
28 days ago
Reply to  WhiteFalcon

Newsmax sold out – watch OANN if you can find it or RightSideNews, Epoch Times, Red Voice Media to name a few. Newsmax stopped covering Trump rallies although some of the staff are good and honest reporters. I just don’t watch anymore. I get almost all my news online, but I have to say Tucker, Jesse and Gutfeld are speaking out more now. But it’s too late to save lives taken or ruined.

Duane Staab
28 days ago

People are getting confused. This vax is not HIV. It has been reported certain proteins from the HIV virus were included to make the Spike protein more virulent. There are multiple routes to get acquired immune deficiency syndrome. HIV and this synthetic mRNA vax are 2 of them.