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Alex Jones Comes Unglued, Goes Off On New World Order Cult Of Psychopaths – I Apologize For Nothing [VIDEO]

"I will not sign on to the death and disease and painful slow kill of our children"

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George Truley
2 months ago

The headline of this article was written by a woman or a leftist. I don’t see a man becoming “unglued” I see myself, my neighbor, my local bodega owner, my uber driver, I see an American who is furious that DC, MSM, and the Science are deliberately lying to everyone about pretty much anything covid related. The shots are poison. The shots are deadly. The shots make you sicker and sicker and sicker until your immune system gives up. The people at the top of the food chain are depopulationists, ALL OF THEM.

Hawaii guy
2 months ago
Reply to  George Truley

Took him long to bough to dump Trump, thank God. Now, let’s burn the system to the ground and do local self governance only.

2 months ago
Reply to  Hawaii guy

Tu eres loco!

2 months ago
Reply to  N48kfe

LOSE (some weight) NOT loose…which is a different word and meaning. LOOSE is the opposite of tight, for example!

2 months ago

Trump may be one of the smartest men in the room when it comes to business, but in politics he is proving to be an idiot and that’s a shame.

I’m not a big fan of Alex but he’s 100% right here – Trump has put the country in a real mess simply because he pushed for a vaccine and continues to support the vaccine.

It’s not a VACCINE. Alex spells out what most people are finding out now – it’s a death sentence.

Trump does not see what the globalists are doing – they are setting him up to take the fall for what happens when people immune systems shut down. Trump’s Vaccine. Trump’s Death Jabs. Doesn’t matter that they forced mandatory injections on everyone they possibly could AFTER Trump left office – he will still get the blame because THE MEDIA IS OUT TO DESTROY HIM.

The longer he continues to support the poison, the more damaging when people start dying en masse.

2 months ago

He didn’t come “unglued”. What a jerk this author is. He’s rightfully upset. He has been on the very front lines fighting this war while most conservatives do nothing and allow it all to happen. No wonder he’s upset. It must seem at times that he’s fighting this battle almost entirely alone. not only that but he has to take a ton of abuse and has for decades. He’s been demonized by the lying propaganda media forever. I do wish however, that Infowars would put a vertical scroll tab on their pages. The only way to scroll up or down is to use the much slower up/down arrows. Very strange not to have that tool that is on literally ALL other web pages.
Advise for Jones, do try & calm down and relax. Sooner or later with such outbursts, you’re going to give yourself a heart attack or a stroke. Also loose some weight. Food can be a way to self-medicate but it doesn’t work, just makes you want more. Turn to God instead for your comfort. It works.

2 months ago
Reply to  N48kfe

I’m sorry this is happening to you