Biden Declares WAR on MAGA & Christians: Biden Declares Conservatives As “Clear and Present Danger”

Biden has declared WAR against we the people!

Peter Navarro joins to detail how Biden's declaration that MAGA Republicans are "enemies of the state", was a declaration of war against Americans!

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Kate Majava
18 days ago

I’m commenting here on the last part of the video: Biden et al. deserves more than a dart to their head. It makes me sick and I still cant wrap my head around the fact that doctors have been so willing to kill patients with the Fauci’s designer drug (Remdesivir); and I never hear much push-back from even nurses, although there’s some. Now that they’re putting multiple mRNAs into the flu shot, it’s obvious that the death toll will climb, especially when people get this vaccine at the same time as the Covid 5th shot (how horrific to get the sniffles). Maybe they’ll also opt for the pneumonia vaccine (17% efficacy – wow). Remember the shingles shot has the same poison also (mRNA).

Rocxy Lemmon
15 days ago

MAGA = Magician in Chief & Highest Level in Church of Satan Hierarchy
This is what it really has to do with.