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Canada Makes Major Covid-19 Border Requirements Announcement for Travelers Coming into the Country [VIDEO]

Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos: "We are announcing that the Government of Canada will not renew the order in council that expires on September 30 and will, therefore, remove all COVID-19 border requirements for all travelers entering Canada. This includes the removal of all federal testing, quarantine, and isolation requirements, as well as the mandatory submission of health information."


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Cee Eee
4 months ago

Wrong accent pal……Should have more German in there and less francais.

4 months ago

Its about freaking time

4 months ago

They were unnecessary right from the start. They were aggressively totalitarian. (Trudeau is a totalitarian dictator) The were punitive. Intrusive. Coercive. They were something only Banana Republics do. I’ve long argued Canada is a wanna-be communist country, and under the right circumstances, it would go full-on communist. Well, Biden’s coup in the US removed the checks and balances that held Canada back. Anyway, the feds can remove all the restrictions they want, but it’s too late. Thousands of lawsuits are heading their way, some at the criminal and crimes against humanity level, where they will be held PERSONALLY responsible for their actions.

abinico warez
4 months ago

Canada doing something sensible? Must be a catch in there someplace

4 months ago
Reply to  abinico warez

It is just a short reprieve. More plandemics are to arrive soon. Also there is the always looming “climate change” scam. Trudeau has shown in no uncertain terms that he is no friend of liberty and freedom. IMO, he is a mole of the Great Reset, a communist.

4 months ago

They will renew the policy when the next “plandemic” arrives. I trust Klaus Schwab’s student. Not!
I doubt if the wait for the new bug to arrive will take long. Big Pharma has a money making golden goose and is eager to start a new iteration of the script.

4 months ago
Reply to  windy

I agree….and I wonder: what will Big Pharma and Co. DO with all their trillions? seriously, aren’t all the huge,useful idiots pushing for a “great reset” going to LOSE all their trillions when things go to digital-only currency?? I mean all it takes is to push a few buttons.

I suspect the great unwashed masses that agitate for a re-set are imagining it like a huge global monopoly game, where everyone starts fresh with the same amount of money. But …maybe that isn’t the actual plan.
I mean, how could it be the actual plan? If we are to “own nothing” (not even our dwellings), and yet “be happy”, then …I guess all our needs (and 1 or 2 wants) will be supplied, right?

So who will be doing the supplying?
Big Pharma????????? maybe?
do you get to have your pick of happy pills on the 1st of each month? maybe you want CBD gummies while I prefer fentanyl. Meh, whatever, it’s all good… ya think?? Soma, here we come.

how can a bare-bones economy keep going with unmotivated participants? Who will bother to show up at the wastewater treatment plant, to adjust the timing of the filters & etc so the city residents have drinkable water? Who will bother to show up at a clinic and schedule appointments for people? For that matter, who will bother to do the work-from-home jobs we now have? there are ways of hacking into the corporate cameras to create a loop that appears as if you are working at your desk, when actually you stepped away. Why bother? when achievements mean nothing, why bother achieving? Isn’t that the issue that has undone communism wherever it gained a foothold?
So back to the trillions being extracted from us now, and placed into the accounts of useful evil idiots like Big Pharma. Will those, then finally be released a little at a time to the more obedient minions among us? When everyone has a cardboard box and an apple a day, the guy with a pillow in his cardboard box is a king. Everyone wants to be king; it’s human nature. Cannot be bred or taught out of us — only supernaturally removed, by the God of ancient Israel. Will we be allowed to serve our gods?It may make us more useful to the human overlords if we have no gods but them…

Too much about the Re-Set that Klaus & friends are not telling.

And frankly, if it was all that great they could start it someplace small and let it grow, so we can see a real-life demonstration of how it goes.. oh wait. China. Cuba. Venezuela. k, nevermind.