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Died Suddenly News Group Owner Brings Up Super Cancers Killing People In 1-2 Weeks – Maria Zeee

Maria Zeee spoke with Tiago from ‘Died Suddenly News’ - the fastest growing social media group in the world - to report on what he is witnessing from real peoples’ personal stories.

Watch the full segment: “Climate Change Deniers” Targeted Next, Died Suddenly News, Aussie Farmer & Smart Cities – ZEROTIME With Maria Zeee

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Question Everything
5 days ago

Just so we are all clear, this has been documented. Henrietta Lacks family has SUED for her blood being commandeered by the pharmaceutical industry. If you’re not educated on the matter a perfectly healthy young woman had an extremely aggressive cancer consume her body with 1 to 2 weeks.

Of course you should do your own research as always but her genetic code has been extensively studied and analyzed for Nefarious purposes as well as potentially good purposes. My conclusion is that it is being used for the former Nefarious….

If you think people like the former queen actually give a crap about tou you are truly delusional… Big pharma made their money off tou and continues to destroy you and your family with “side effects”. The IQ of the world has fallen even though technology has advanced with leaps and bounds..

It is truly a war for your mind as schools don’t even stress critical thinking just 319 genders.. We lost our generational knowledge and fortitude..

5 days ago

Leave the Queen out of this conversation.