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Dr. Malone: It’s Clear The Vaccine Narrative Is Collapsing & Largely Has Collapsed [VIDEO]

"I hear, all over the world... they're done."

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4 months ago

All democrats are pieces of shi%

Sid S
4 months ago
Reply to  Joe

Most of my family and some of my friends are Democrats. They are not P O S. They are, however, horribly brainwashed and ill informed.. Progressivism (Marxism) is both a disease and a religion.all we can do is be strong in our commitment, continue to educate ourselves and share the facts with them. Never accept the name-calling or tge re-definition of words or terms.

3 months ago
Reply to  Sid S

Like what you said here Sid S. I grew up in South Carolina where a large portion of my friends and mentors were conservative pro-family, law abiding Patriots from the Democratic party who did not trust government and were far from progressive in their philosophy. The conservative element amongst the Democrats has been silenced. This is an attack against both parties. Meanwhile, the real evil Marxist enemies are making it look like it’s Republican versus Democrat and the resulting division is blinding and is destructive. Even still, two cannot walk together unless they agree.

4 months ago

The consequences are things like vaginal tissue becoming necrotic, and babies dying from breast milk of vax exposed women…besides all the people dropping like flies…

Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
4 months ago

And, ALL by design. . . 💉💰💉

Scott Wheat
4 months ago

Why did you cut out the video when he was going to tell us what he was told regarding how much longer this is going to continue?

4 months ago

How can Dr. Malone still call it a “vaccine”?

4 months ago
Reply to  max

I wonder that as well ,, FFS we all know its NOT a VACCINE !

Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
4 months ago

Keep up the positively terrific PUSHBACK to systematically chip away at all the egregious lies that humanity’s been essentially force fed by corporatically owned corrupt governmententals and dirty CIA møckingbird pressstitute. They wish to see the rest of us maimed, dead and/or enslaved via nano-chips and inane social credit scores–crafted by vile caBAAListic cøvens of veritable Ahrimaniacal demøcįdalist whøres. . . Pffffft! ☝️

4 months ago

Malone is working on a triple mRNA vaccine currently, no joke.

3 months ago
Reply to  Croz

Oh Pleez!