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Stew Peters: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – GLOBAL Class Action Lawsuit, Blueprint For Endless Pandemics RELEASED

Six hundred and fifteen days have passed since January 6, 2021, but there are still political prisoners sitting behind bars, prisoners who still haven’t even been brought to trial. Not only that, they are tortured and harassed within the walls of their prison. A wife of such prisoner joins us today to share her husband’s story.

Dr. Fuellmich has made it his mission in life to expose the danger that forced Covid jabs pose to the public. He’s been tracking the surge in young people dropping dead out of the blue ever since the vaccine rolled out.

We know for a FACT that the COVID19 pandemic was planned. Now we have document proof that future pandemics are already in the making in Australia.

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2 months ago

There is no justice in the USA. They should be tried in Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Japan, or any country that has swift trials and swift executions.

2 months ago
Reply to  Kalbo

But these countries all bow to the same authority. It is impossible for justice to be given everywhere it is needed in this age because the ones responsible for issuing justice are corrupt and the whole globe is encumbered by this ruthless and wicked cabal. We all want justice but I’m afraid we will have to wait…until Jesus Christ comes and God pours out His Wrath on this world (after removing the righteous, known as The Bride of Christ or the Saved, AKA Born again) Then our Great God who created us and knows us better than we know ourselves will allow us to take part in the Battle of Armeggedon. We will return on White Horses clothed in spotless, white apparel with Jesus Christ leading the way. THAT is when justice for these wicked will occur. It won’t be a minute late and it will be complete in every way and we who love our Creator and Savior Jesus Christ will be more than satisfied and joyful with Him in eternity. All this is very close by. NOW is the time for salvation.

2 months ago

the outcome of Nueremberg was to execute the NAZI criminals. This plandemic deserves the same!

Jojo fynes
1 month ago

Renier Full much is fake, a disgrace, he is MOT organising any Nuremberg 2.0, he’s leading people down the path for the government, allowing people to believe someone is fighting for them,RESEARCH HIM..