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Elon Musk Is A Complete Fraud. The End – Jason Bermas [VIDEO]

"The good people of Ukraine not only love this, but are working with the World Economic Forum at Davos, Ukraine's Vice Prime Minister and Minister of digital transformation because yes, whether you want to understand this or not, we're going to talk about this..."

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1 year ago

Mr. Bermas,

You have no idea what you are talking about and do not understand any of these technologies and how they fit together. Your ignorance is truly obvious. You are misleading the American people.

1 year ago
Reply to  Dave

like being afraid of Radio when it first was introduced

Thomas Jones
9 months ago
Reply to  Dot

I’m afraid you’re the one misinformed.

William Charles
1 year ago

Say what you will about Elan Musk but you have to give him credit for out conning the biggest Con Organization in the U.S. which is the Department of the Treasury. You see, Mr. Musk conned them into GRANTING (that’s tax free) $497.5 million dollars in grants in just 2015 for the Electric Vehicle hoax. And they continue to Grant him $$ every year thereafter and remember………..its all Tax Free.

Thomas Jones
9 months ago

More like evil criminals conspiring

Amy janice
1 year ago

Well, what can we do.? Just survive? And how do we even do the minimum to survive without connecting to this insanity. Can Someone help and explain how the decent people and good people of us can exist.

Itsy Bitsy
1 year ago
Reply to  Amy janice

That is the challenge. We can’t. This is why I stopped listening to the generally brilliant James Corbett. In the run up to the crisis he was invaluable in mapping out the terrain. Now we are at war we need a sense of direction that is realistic and attainable, and doesn’t depend on the entire world population just suddenly seeing the light and adopting a peaceful non-hierarchical co-existent catalexy. That would fix it of course, but what are the odds? What wasn’t helpful was continually mapping out how bad it was and how much worse it could get, without offering some signposts to hope that we could realistically follow to good effect. And then bashing anybody who actually managed to acquire the influence to make a difference, from a standpoint that they couldn’t have acquired such influence without being part of the problem. That thesis goes literally nowhere. The good news is, once the black pills wear off, all the other pills seem much brighter.

1 year ago

Kudos RVM for adding Jason Bermas to the platform. Insightful articulate and on the money.

Itsy Bitsy
1 year ago

Yes, starlink is a weapons system – check. And so is my grandfather’s axe.

Yes, Musk is annoying AF – check. And the only thing more annoying is the drippy follower tribe who think he’s practically the messiah.

BUT, Jason, um… the world is at war. Weapons are already being deployed on everybody. How do we survive this without… weapons that are at least a match? Diplomacy and politics?

This is the anarchits’s paradox. If we reject all hierarchies then basically we have to reject all power, all tools, all weapons and anyone who dares establish any of that. And a world full of psychopaths, how are you going to do that without… power of some kind, organisation… teeth? Nature abhors a vacuum.

Rose, Corbett etc rant against it but these are forces of nature. We have to be much smarter than throwing ourselves up against the mere manifestations. This is how Trump will win. We’d better get used to that whether we like him or not. The only other option my friend is to be better at chess than Trump.

So the question is, for whom are these tools actually working? And what is the nature of the chess game being played? And who really is on the side of humanity, if anyone?

I see the signs of stress here, and hardly surprising. When it all seems really really black and everything gets us triggered, it usually means we need to spend some more time taking care of ourselves.

Thomas Jones
9 months ago
Reply to  Itsy Bitsy

I now know from having the honor of dealing directly with the source of all this evil. It’s the biggest secret and hoax ever played on humanity. It’s so covered up that many people would call me insane for exposing it, but I must do it anyway. There are non human beings directly responsible for all this evil. Bluntly, evil reptilian humanoid monsters are the perpetrators. They and their evil human hybrids have infiltrated the positions of power and influence. They are currently going down. There are extremely intelligent, benevolent, “gecko-like,” humanoid, “angels,” helping us rid the world of the evil monsters. Believe it or not, I’m in contact with them. They highly respect our freedom, autonomy and our, “path,” and expect us to do all we can, for ourselves. They will handle that which we are unable, logistically. The evil monsters have been overtly harassing me for over a year. I’ve compiled good evidence, some original, at Parler.com/Tommy321. I’ve recently started a tik tok account under the name reptilian_demon_exposure, where I’ve put some photographic evidence and am telling my story.

1 year ago

No more of this guy and his F bombs, jry rid of him NOW!

1 year ago
Reply to  Croz


Thomas Jones
9 months ago
Reply to  Ray Dietrich

We can expect disinfo agents in these comment sections. Mr. Burmas is exactly right about Musk. I used to think he was probably alright. Then, I started having amazing and straight up unbelievable experiences. Now I know he’s bad, for absolute sure. No doubt about it. The public are easily tricked by a bit of good seeming behavior.

Thomas Jones
9 months ago
Reply to  Croz

That’s what we need! More petty division!

1 year ago

First time hearing you. Use God’s name in vain again and that will be the last.

Cee Eee
1 year ago

A continuum of sexes??? This man is clearly out of his fucking mind. Even more so than half the comments left about this video. Know what folks…..easier to walk away and move on then type a book getting mad at the host. If you don’t hurry up and get a life, you may never have the chance. 🙂

Thomas Jones
9 months ago

I knew Starlink is a weapon system. Complete morons will call me crazy, but it’s my duty to tell this. A couple years ago, I went all out exposing the NWO and spreading courage. Very long story short, I started getting overtly harassed by evil reptilian monsters. I prayed that, if they were real, I’d be sent angels to speak with me, audibly, like in the Bible. I did get the angels. I was getting attacked & tortured by an EMF weapon, which caused headache, extreme nausea and unsolicited genital stimulation. I asked the angels and they told me it was coming from Starlink. I’m very familiar with all kinds of advanced psychotronic tech. I’m also aware of how the demon monsters lie and pretend to be friends. For many reasons, I’m certain of the accuracy of my account. I’m careful about info and Musk is an evil, permenant demon host. This is way above top secret territory. I’ve posted some evidence, some original, at Parler.com/Tommy321. I’ve just started a tiktok account under the name reptilian_demon_exposure, where I’ve posted some photo evidence and am telling my story. These evil monsters are currently going down. There’s a war and they’re getting their asses kicked. They’re currently learning their horrible fate. Truth is much stranger than fiction. It’s the truth. Accept it.