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Stew Peters: Entire Family MAIMED By DEATH SHOTS, Covid Cops & UN Plan TAKEOVER as New World Order Rises

Maria Zeee joins to expose how the UN and the Globalists are enforcing a new state of emergency and a new pandemic!

Christopher Key has been defending against the tyranny of the government since the beginning. First it was mask tyranny, then the vaccine came.

Stanford Graham joins us on the show to teach us how to heal from injuries caused by the vaccine.

Rochelle Wilson joins to expose how the Gardasil vaccine gave her infinite neurological issues, and how the Covid jab killed her grandma and damaged her mom!

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2 months ago

I was the first to comment and you removed it. It is kind of strange to be censored on Stew Peters Shows page. Isn’t he the big free speech guy or is he not aware?

2 months ago
Reply to  ern49

What was your comment? I highly doubt it was removed. Glitches do happen, you know.

2 months ago

Awaiting approval, what a joke!

2 months ago

No wonder no one comments here.

2 months ago

OK. So,Medical Professionals [doctors,nurses, professors, etc.] invest their Self-IDENTITY, into being a member of the Medical Establishment (Cult). A Doctor believes that their hard-earned membership, into the Medical (Cult), proves they have ‘medical knowledge’, that no other people can access, or even understand. Our Community, Our Laws, etc., endow Doctors, with ELITE Stature, including Power over Life & Death, just for being a Medical establishment member. This Doctor, a mere human, shapes their SELF-IDENTITY [self worth] around their Elite Stature.
The Doctor’s ‘Elite Stature’ stands almost entirely upon their alleged Intellectual Prowess. Notice how a Doctor usually cannot accept being ‘wrong’, or being confronted with facts, that contradict their Cult-based Knowledge. And, Doctors detest common folk [i.e. not member of Medical Elite/Class], who question a Doctors’ medical opinion.This behavior is common to other Knowledge Cults. For example, look at Teaching Class. A teacher detests students who confront teachers with facts, contrary to that Teachers Cult-based knowledge [i.e. indoctrination]. Or, God forbid, question that Teacher’s Knowledge-Authority. Notice Primary School Teachers have difficulty socializing with adults, in part, because they spend their days with children, who usually do not, and cannot, question that Teachers’ opinions/Authority, on most any Topic. Our Community, and laws endow Teachers, with power to ‘correct’ or punish students who ‘do not Learn’ [become Indoctrinated], just for being a Teaching Establishment member.
Will a Doctor, or a Teacher, admit that a large part of their ‘Knowledge base’ [indoctrination] is False? Or worse, will a Doctor, or a Teacher, accept the fact that their Devotion, to pushing their ‘Cult-Knowledge’, onto their patients, students, and their families, caused irreparabe harm to those trusting people [victims]? Is the SHAME too great, that these Duped Doctors, would rather DENY the reality, that they blindly adhered, to Fake knowledge, which caused grievous harm, and instead, cling to HOPE that their Loyalty, to their Medical Cult, will Majically save them from Deep Humiliation, Disgrace, Disrepute, and INFAMY? Or Will Pride be their Downfall?
Have these Doctors sold more than their Self-Identity, to the Medical Cult?
Have they sold their Soul? Are they SLAVES? Delusional Renfields who believe Loyalty, to their Cult, will be Rewarded, with everlasting Life?