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Erich Speckin Discovers 10,000 Counterfeit Ballots – Alleghany PA – Nick Moseder [VIDEO]

What's up, ladies and gentlemen? I have an explosive report to cover for you guys, which was done by world-renowned paper expert Erich Speckin regarding the ballot images from the 2020 election in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. In a completely unexpected turn of events, it appears that a group was able to get their hands on the Allegheny County ballot images and put Erich Speckin to work. And what he found appears to be clear-cut evidence of counterfeit ballots, upwards of 10,000 plus counterfeit ballots, to be exact.

Erich Speckin AZ Interview:

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1 year ago

Well…it’s not as if anyone will be punished. The FBI will come for Speckin and that will be that.

1 year ago

Doesn’t matter, the commutards are just ONE “event” away from opening fir on whites/Christians/middle-class.
Be prepared, you CAN’T vote your way out of this.