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Jason Bermas: Kidding It Isn’t Over! Plus The Corn Man And Loony Lucy [VIDEO]

Hey everybody, Jason Bermas here, and Karine Jean-Pierre, may be one of my least favorite press secretaries. And here's the deal. I'm just going to be honest and real right now, I again, I want to let everybody know, to me, none of this is left and right.

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1 year ago

Say Mr. Gates sir, Your ({[“‘CLIMATE CHANGE'”]}) IS A BIG MONSTER OF A JJJOOOKKKEEE, Because The Earths Core Is Very ….. Very HOT, All Of Those Earth Plates Down Below The Earths Oceans And Below The Ground We Walk Upon, Always Will Move Around, Which Creates Friction, Which Creates Heat, That Heats Those Bed Rocks, Which Gets Extremely HOT = Melting Bed Rock Temperature, Which Develops Into Volcanoes Erupting = Throwing Out Red Hot Magma = Melted Bed Rock, Which Makes More Land/Islands In The Earths Oceans And Add More Land, Hot Air Rises, Causes The Water In Our Oceans/Lakes And Ponds Evaporate Up Into The Air, And Cool Air Falls, Which Makes That Evaporated Water Into Rain/Snow/Sleet To Fall Back To The Ground We All Stand Upon, When Cool Air Blows 1 Way And Warm Air Blows To The Other Direction, Which Causes Tornadoes/Hurricanes/Little Tiny Dust Devils, That Grow Larger, Just Like Their Big Brother = Tornadoes, It Has Been Recorded That Lightening Bolts Can Strike The Ground That We All Stand Upon Or It Can Start On The Ground That We All Stand Upon And Go Back Up Into The Sky, Remember At The Beginning, When I Said Those Earth Plates That Moves Around All Of The Time, Which Creates Earth Quakes/Faults, Just Like The San Andreas Fault, That Runs Right Threw LA And San Francesco, When Those Earth Quakes Happen In The Middle Of Those 7 Oceans, They Create Rogue Waves, Well, Yes Earth Temperature Always CHANGES, BECAUSE IT IS NATURAL!!!

1 year ago

That Is The Major Reason Why I Won’t Own 1 Of Those Electric Vehicles, IF It Rains, I DON’T WANT TO END UP LIKE A CRISPY CRITTER, When Those Lightening Bolts Strike My Car When I Am Driving It, Or Any Of my Friends/ Relatives Or Families Drive In Any Of Those Shocking Vehicles!!! Talking About That Killing/Destroying/Murdering Descriptive Word Called ({[“‘ 1)ABORTIONS AND 2)ILLEGAL FOREIGN ALIEN IMMIGRATION'”]}), (1) Has Never Been A Suggestion In Any Of Those 2 US Houses Of US Congress, Yet, Therefore ABORTION NEVER ARRIVED ON ANY US PRESIDENT;S DESK TO BE SIGNED, YET! Because It Never Was Discussed Or Debated In Those Aforementtioned US Houses Of The US Congress YET, Which Was The Very Same Year That Down In Gainesville Florida, On The Florida State Football Stadium’s Field A Male, Buk Naked Ran Across That Thar Football Field ONLY Wearing A Pair Of Socks And Tennis Shoes, In Front Of A People Packed Football Stadium, Back In January Of 1973 AD!!! As For (2) Above, It All Started During That #44’s 1st Term As NOT My US President, Because He Was Never Vetted When He Started His US Political Career Back In 1997 AD, When He Ran For 1 Of Those Illinois State Legislature Seats! #44 NEVER FOLLOWED THE WHOLE US CONSTITUTION, HE ACTED LIKE A DICTATOR, Just Like Mr. Putin (Just Like His Predecessor Like Mr. STALIN For 1 Example), Mr. North Korean Un, And Mr. K.’s From Iran And Mr. Ping From China! All Of You Left Leaning US Congress People, Just LOVED IT When #44’ STARTED ALL OF THE IGNORING = CIRCUMNAVIAGTING = CIRCUMVENTING Of the Last Part Of The US Constitution, Especially The 7/27/1993 AD Version Of The US Immigration And Naturalization Act’s Rules And Regulations, Where Those Left Leaning People In The US Congress Started Stuffing Their Ears With COTTON BALLS And Put That Thar COVID 19 Mask Over Their Eyes, So They Could NOT See Nor Hear Any Of Those Illegal Foreign Aliens Walking Across The USA’s Southern Border, Those IFA’s Used The USA’s Southern Border Like It Was A Old Fashioned UUUNNNSSSEEECCCUURRREEEDDD DEPARTMENT STORES REVOLVING FRONT AND BACK DOORS, Which Is ILLEGAL AND ANTI-US CONSTITUTIONAL!!!!!!!

1 year ago

It’s clear now our Government has been carrying out this depopulation agenda against us for decades! What amazes me is how Patriotic Constitutional Congress Members could go along with this Diabolical Sinister plan Knowing the harm this would bring upon The American People (and not just the average American Citizen, but onto their own Family Members in the process as well)! And yet even here to this very day Congress Members are still willing to compromise their Souls and Constitutional Agreements they have to The American People whom they have taken an Oath to represent. Myself being a Military Veteran what I find even more deeply disgusting are the secret deadly experiments these Parasites perform on the unknowing Military Personnel who put their lives on the line for this Nation, all while these Washington D.C. Grifters and Puppets sacrifice us all.
Seeing those People jump to their Deaths from the Burning Buildings during 9/11 was my wake up call. I knew back then, just as I know now, NO PLANE is going to just fly into the Pentagon, NO WAY “UNLESS” IT IS ALLOWED TO FLY INTO IT!!!! AND THAT IS AN INDISPUTABLE FACT… PERIOD

abinico warez
1 year ago

Doctors third leading cause of death – google it.