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Jason Bermas: Space Launch!!! And Russia At The UN – Reality Rants [VIDEO]

Hey everybody, Jason Bermas here. And before we get into the Russian Kazakhstan joint U S, space launch that nobody seems to be talking about, nobody wants to acknowledge, but really gets into this aspect that obviously, there are treaties in space that we are unaware of. And the United States, Russia, and China are clearly a part of them, as they are part of the ISS Project. At the same time, you have Space X launching their Starlink system, their ride-along program with DARPA's Starlink, Black Jack, you also have black sky satellites, that are another element of this military-industrial complex, you have this all being Lockheed Martin driven.

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4 months ago

Awesome coverage Jason. United States back drop shot of the USA she’s looking depressed that Russia is knowledgeable of the USA/Rockefeller/New World Order