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Jason Bermas: The Children Must Be Lying, This Is Too Dark

Hey everybody, Jason Bermas here, and if you were watching earlier, we had Derrick Broze on to discuss the latest arrest in this very bizarre, ritualistic abuse case that stems back decades.

And I want to put it out there right now that if you go to the last American vagabond.com, you can get the latest on the David Hamblin case. And as you can see, he has been arrested for some pretty brutal things,

On this program, we talked about another person in the age range, I believe this man, 68 years old, a 66-year-old named Gary Bell, who I believe is also involved in law enforcement, also picked up similar charges, being held without bail. This is great news.

Last American vagabond, Derrick Broze knocking it out of the park on this one.

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Jo Ann Reed
2 months ago

Devasting tremendously sad and bad news, horrible people doing that! But it is at the same time very good that these children were able to escape, survive and could tell adults about it in the detail they did.
It shows the strength and courage the help from adults intervention produced as the support they needed and had some feelings of support and protective interests and care
I’m so glad for them in that. I hope they continued.
It’s hard to continue watching .. what weird “hobbies” God who knows why and how American people even in those church communities can be, just stupid and wretched , the most horrid interests, in my opinion!
What, with all the freedoms in this country, all the better things the many that anyone ought to be involved in, but this crap instead-it just blows minds, how could this behavior be entered and absorb all these folks??
Mind boggling!

Jo Ann Reed
2 months ago

Thank you Jason! Expect to receive at least some kind of support fund from me-(whatever I can afford, I prioritize this subject area highly, everything about the children, cps problems, and all this unsolved, under exposed material, though it is very difficult journalism or legal /law enforcement tasking, I really appreciate your work and attention to it!) About one million (up to nearly) that number per annually, children missing from INSIDE the USA, several have turned up stopped at the border during Trump administration due to border patrol attention policies then, in freezer trucks found a bunch in a truck loaded, dead, frozen, eyes and organs picked out, attempting to cross into Mexico via USA border– per OG Shadow ‘s reports on YouTube channel few yrs. ago… Devastating!

1 month ago

I think it is done systematically, they ( these dark forces ) want to destroy the souls of the people and to destroy the people, just they destroy the vunerable souls of children. Just first destroy the children, just pollute the souls of children, to form an army for satan!
The rituals in which children are introduced to the dark forces and power of satanism have really impact on the whole society!
I grew up in the seventies and I noticed something dark in the usual functional society of families with the fathers supporting the families. As a child I noticed it but I was not able to understand it. But I know now that there have been a subtile programming from the Massmedia, like television, newspaper etc. What I understand that there are heavenly powers, light forces as well and what we call angels, they are reality, they are really existing. But the dark powers who rule the world, they do everything just to turn most of the people apart from the divine powers.
But if someone studies the Bible often, one like me will fully understand what is going on!