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Jason Bermas: Tucker Stunned By The Goya Guy!!!

Hey everybody, Jason Bermas here, and I was watching some Tuckins last night. And I've seen the Goya CEO out there speaking a tad bit of truth before in the media, but in under three minutes, and really just about 90 seconds of him talking himself, he really breaks down what all of this, really not just the inflation, which is the talking point that they're discussing.

But really, all of this is about the degradation of the human being, right, which I talk about constantly.

Because I think it's really important to people that don't get it, that at the end of the day, they're trying to say, You're worthless, human beings are done, no thank you, we're gonna put you on a UBI, we're going to put you in a slave state system. And that's what's going down.

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8 months ago

He makes it sound like this money to Ian’s victims is coming out of his pocket. That’s taxpayers’ money. It should go to the people hit by this catastrophe. It’s theirs. Political ploy. Joe’s going to be in FL helping, all he wants is your vote. Can’t wait for DeSantis’ response.Should be a real Kodak moment. Maybe the intensity of this Hurricane in 100 years was helped along by those who want to be in total control. Example: Look at Nord Stream, caused by TNT not anything natural. Blaming that on the US Navy. Interesting.