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Maria Zeee: Dr. Rashid A Buttar – Hydrogel in the COVID-19 Injections Has Been Programmed for 5G Activation

Dr. Rashid A Buttar joins us to discuss the hydrogel in the COVID-19 injections as a delivery system which has been programmed with hemorrhagic fevers such as Marburg, Ebola, and others, and can be activated by 5G. We also discuss the solution Dr. Buttar believes can help the world and those who have been injected.

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Sharon Dewey
11 months ago

Great interview and discussion – thank you! About the patented materials injected with the bioweapon covid shot, and the pharmaceutical company’s purported rights, I would argue that they have NO rights to any information or even to the technology in the victim’s body because it was placed there ILLEGALLY. In fact, as the technology in the victim’s body is proven by patent numbers (and whatever other identifiers on the nanotech) to belong to the pharmaceutical company, that company can be sued for “assault”, “rape” and/or “criminal trespass”. Allowing them to “claim ownership” of the victim along with their tech because they forced their foreign technology (i.e., technology not necessary nor intended for use in vaccine function) into the victim without the victim’s knowledge is outrageous and criminal in itself, being accessory to the original crime. I’m not a lawyer, but I would bet that I’m right about this and any honest lawyer could make this case.

Jo Ann Reed
11 months ago
Reply to  Sharon Dewey

Yeah! Good call! I 👍 I agree! Nail em’! Constitution Rule of Law in the USA! Since when is it not valid! It is VALID! 👍

Dana Bouchner
11 months ago

What a phenomenal interview with Dr. Buttar. I found him in early 2020 after the purposefully released virus. I knew in my soul not to take them.
My experience was this the very first time I saw Frankenstein Fauci on TV he was a pedophile. This happened to me when I was 6 years-old by my paternal grandfather. He was subsequently a year and a half later goes to start his cat and six sticks of dynamite had been planted. Only one stick detonated it blew off his right leg he survived this happened in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Back to Fauci, I immediately looked him up and found his speech in early January 2017 at Georgetown University before President Trump took office. Fauci said that the new incoming administration would face a surprise outbreak. I knew immediately I was never going to take the bioweapon shots.
God bless always,

Jo Ann Reed
11 months ago
Reply to  Dana Bouchner

My heart with you! No regrets here either when I was a young child I caught and rolled on a bad man for criminal sex offense and psychological torture of my older sister.
Glad to have ratted his ass off. I’d do it again if it was today
I miss my my now rip sis, but glad I did for her as much as I could when I did, too bad too many rotten stenches only have increased today mistreating children and parents, everyone!
Boy I had no idea it was to become THIS BAD! 😲
Illeanna Douglas plays a role as a mom in a movie where the parents really get revenge on perp, but started on the wrong guy! Oops! 😮😲!
Why too many potato heads in charge! Oy vey! 😒🥺

11 months ago

thanks Maria you are great!!

Jo Ann Reed
11 months ago

Seeing ppl dropping like rain drops… As it turns out! Dr. Rashid and tons of ppl were certainly right about it all along, and it really wasn’t necessary! They’re still pushing it on kids, but HOW WICKEDLY are they getting!! That—was predictable as well!!!

There’s just something wrong with these pusher people! Obviously!!!

Jo Ann Reed
11 months ago

We’re still grateful for Dr. Rashid Butter and his unhesitant early forward stance on this entire bad news “bug”,boy it is wildly Nurembergenz’s Syndromes! And we just utterly DESPISED the msms “news” on TV, (what was it -60m.,??) Who just tried to set him up for TV interview story and went on their spree attempting to corner him as a “conspiracy wing nut” –!!! My heart and fury and support for him was literally pulsing out the jugular of my neck over that!
It was an outrage! Seeing the evil coverup campaigns –AND HE IS TOTALLY ON THE VERY UP AND INSIDE TRACK with his own timely and kind, heroic oath fulfilling swift action, a doctor to be TRUSTED !!!
He deserves a METAL OF ACHIEVEMENTS FOR ACTING BRAVELY, IMMEDIATELY AND SINCERELY in a very unusually FORBODING, SINISTER, deadly threatening mass end gamers peak against the human beings of this planet home, and the CHILDREN!!!
THIS is the WMD OF ALL TIME!!! They’re willing and intent , happy to lie, cheat, murder, steal, by cunningly, arrogantly, just using this biotech weapon to profit mega, have the well organized lidless black snap together coffins ready everywhere, and rather wipe just the humans out, seamlessly neat- than to even bother with a nuke, or mass bombing to invade and clear the world’s total real estate! No mess! Talk about calculated sinister evil…

Jo Ann Reed
11 months ago

It’s 10-1 bet that this issues out from the remnant of the 📎📎 “not sees”* Annie Jacobsen’s book, investigation, and lecture series on the traces from back in wwIi, what happened to all the leftovers of the Trials… The Nuremberg/ Holocaust 1949/50+ where’d they go?? The wef- the UN, who cdc alphabetbeareus we pay our taxes to for public services, health depts etc.