Shots Fired With DeAnna Lorraine

DeAnna Lorraine: Massage Therapist – “The Shedding is 100% REAL!” Gets Sick, Hospitalized from Vaxed Clients

Join DeAnna Lorraine on her new show Shots Fired! with DeAnna Lorraine! DeAnna first goes over hottest headlines of the day, joined by Australian's Reclaim The Line Founder Christian Mack Some of the hottest headlines include a 6-Foot long blood clot getting removed from a High School football player's body!

Then DeAnna is joined by a Massage Therapist Nicole Nogrady, who shares shocking details of how she knows the vaccine shedding is 100% real, and what has happened to her body as a result of massaging vaccinated clients. Watch and share her story to all your pro-vax friends!

DeAnna is then joined by Joshua Yoder, Founder of US Freedom Flyers, who shares what's been happening behind the scenes of the airline industry and to pilots who have taken the jab, and what's really behind all the cancelled flights.

Watch her exclusive PREMIUM interview with a different Massage Therapist, who wishes to remain anonymous due to her small town and risk to her business. She reveals even more grisly experiences of the spike protein shedding, and a "strange, strong smell" she says emits from vaxxed patients.

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20 days ago

In the interest of accuracy, so as not to be eschewed as being ‘wrong’, no one clot was 6′ long. the total length of all the clots removed (as shown in the image) [TOTALLED] 6 feet.

20 days ago

Yes its real Im a massage therapist of 17 years now and feel like I have to get used to viruses or whatnot all over again especially if someone just got a booster I want to vomit get hotflashes and Im a male man man lol and almost feel aALLERGIC to SOME ! clients this is a NIGHTMARE my name is Vinton Paul I love your channel and I also bielive in Yahua Jesus with all MY HEART AND SOUL AND MIND ! and I know he protects me always! I have had whatever toxin or spike protein is the covid 19 Ive had it 2 times bad and then 100 times for a few hours or a day! this makes me so sad IF i tell my clinets what Im saying I will have none! only 4 clients out of 57 did not get the thing1 this is truly a nightmare for every reason if we cannot touch eachother we are in deep waters
! if you want to have me in you show also I will do this! its time to talk ! Humanity!
the Other issue is geoengeneering of our weather is covid coming from humans from all the toxins spayed over us almost everyday now in FLorida sarasota county! and the water like we saw in the stew peters doc! WE are living in the END times the begining of the times of tribulation boubt not! everyone in under a spell or the toxins are doing there JOB! its time fo an evolution Revolution and get at least ourselves back on track! maybe even start a co op VIlladge ! have a blessed evening and STAY strong in the LOrd Jesus my brothers and sisters that still belive!