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Stew Peters: Mike Lindell SUES THE FBI For Tracking His CELL PHONE! Military QUIETLY Drops Vaxx Purge

Odessa Orlewicz joins to expose the transgender teacher with unrealistically large, fake breasts who is visually violating his students and school-goers. The school is protecting the pervert, and parents are preparing to protest!

Mike Lindell joins the show to expose the local media is LYING about the FBI ambush. The Elites have weaponized the FBI, and now Lindell is fighting back with a massive lawsuit!

Ask Dr. Jane returns this week to answer some hard questions from a doctor’s perspective. Can blood transfusions be dangerous for the unvaxxed?

The military has gotten rid of everyone who fought for their rights against the COVID vaccines. Now they have come out and determined that they are no longer going to punish anyone who is unvaccinated. This is an act of BLATANT COWARDICE by our military.

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James Defigio
14 days ago

When asked about the probability of nuclear war, guest speaker Dalton mentioned something which suggested that Biden would have something to do with it if nuclear war was the outcome. That is one of the most ridiculous statements made by any guest I have heard since listening to the SP show. Biden isn’t even a competent PUPPET. His controllers probably LAUGH at him.

Kate Majava
12 days ago

Dr. McCullough told someone to not be hesitant to get a blood transfusion with mRNA in it. It sounds like he thinks it’s ok. But what do you do if you didn’t donate autologous blood?

Kate Majava
12 days ago

I know of someone who just got the shot, came home and slept with his or her spouse and the next day the unvaxxed spouse broke out in hives. My sister in her 60s is a bleeding victim of shedding – she didn’t know who gave it to her – she went to the dr for this. I’m sure the dr. did nothing for her but probably drs have seen a lot of this – how can they still refute it? Hey guys out there, be careful too – there’s swollen testicles galore from the shot or from shedding. I know of someone who had this from the jab, lasting for months, not sure how it is now.