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Nick Moseder: Proof Of Foreign Interference – Fulton PA Sues Dominion for ‘Breach of Contract’! [VIDEO]

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a massive story coming out of Fulton County, Pennsylvania, regarding the 2020 election. Fulton County is suing Dominion Voting Systems for breach of contract. And the reason is because Dominion purported that their machines do not hook up to the internet and actually certified as such. However, Fulton County has found mountains of evidence that that is not the case.

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4 months ago

Hello Out There On The World Wide Web to All Of Those Anti-US Constitutional Communistic Socialistic #1 Terroristic Loving = Iran, China, Russia And North Korea = DICTATOR RUN COUNTRIES = Progressive Liberal Democratic Donkey And Those/Their Illegally Labeled FAKE Conservative Republican RINO Puppets And Their World Wide Web And Main Stream Propaganda Bullhorn Machine Mouthpieces Swamp Creatures In DC, The Whole Northeastern And West Coast Of The USA, All Who LOVE IGNORING = CIRCUMNAVIGATING = CIRCUMVENTING The Whole US Constitution, That Illegally And Officially Started During That LIAR And Chief = #44 = Mr. Bathroom Barry Alias Barack Hussein Soetoro’s Alias Soebarkah’s Alias Dunham’s Alias Obama’s Administration’s 1st Year, When #44 Especially Started IGNORING = CIRCUMNAVIGATING = CIRCUMVENTING The Last Pertinent Part Of The US Constitution = The 7/27/1993 AD Version Of The US Immigration And Naturalization Act’s Rules And Regulations, Where All Foreign Migrants Had To Stay Inside Their Foreign Countries, While Following Every Single US Immigration Act’s Rules And Regulations, Until Each Individual Foreign Migrant Had To Receive Their Personal Immigration APPROVAL PAPERS, Which Is The ONLY TIME THAT THOSE SPECIFIC FOREIGN MIGRANTS CAN START THEIR TREK TO THE USA’S BORDER, NOT BEFORE, WHICH MEANS EVERY SINGLE ILLEGAL FOREIGN ALIEN THAT IGNORED THE US IMMIGRATION RULES HAS TO BE DDDEEEPPPOOORRRTTTEEEEDDD BACK TO THEIR FORMER FOREIGN COUNTRIES BOUNDARIES NNNOOOTTT AAASSSAAAPPP, BUT SSSTTTAAATTT, Which Means As Soon As They Set Foot On USA’s Territory, They Have To Be Turned Back to Their Former Countries Soil IMMEDEATELY!!!!!!!

4 months ago

Dominion Quebec Inc, Has To Tell The HONEST And SINCERE TRUTH, SO HELP THEM THE 1 AND ONLY GOD ALMIGHTY! They Are Going To Have To Be Asking For Forgiveness For Their Illegal Actions = SINS = FORALL OF THEIR LIES, Because They Said Connecting Their Counting Machines Can NOT Be Connected To The World Wide Web, Which It Was, And Is Anti-US Constitutional and ILLEGALLY AUTHATORIAN INSIDE A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC,, Which Definitely Means All Of Those Illegally And Infamously Filthy Rich And Warmongering Power Hungry Left Side Of The US Political Equation, Has To Be VOTED OUT Of Their US Congressional Seats, Because They On Purpose DON’T LISTEN TO WE THE LEGAL CITIZENS/PEOPLE/CONSTITUENTS AND LEGAL IMMIGRANTS OF THE USA, BUT ONLY LISTEN TO ALL OF THOSE ILLEGAL FOREIGN ALIENS, THAT LOVE IGNORING = CIRCUMNAVIGATING = CIRCUMVENTING That Last Part Of The US Constitution, Which Started During #44’s 1st Term As NOT MY US PRESIDENT = This Illegal Foreign Alien Invasion STARTED AT #44’S Q1SST DAY, WHICH IS IIILLLLLLEEEGGGAAALLL!!!!!

4 months ago

Hello Out There On Or In The World Wide Web To Ms. NYC Police Officer Brianna Fernandez Who Actually SANG The Real US National Anthem Before The 9/11/2022 AD RAVENS vs JETS FOOTBALL GAME AND NNNOOOTTT THAT UNOFFICIAL BOOGALU VERSION, THANK YOU!!!!!!!