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Alicia Powe: Predator Class Preying On Our Kids – Tom Renz Whistleblower Proves US Intel Created Covid BioWeapon?

Welcome. This is the Alicia Powe Show & I'm Alicia Powe.

What is it about these people that makes them so intent on prowling on our children? Yes, the globalists want to kill us all off with vaccine mandates and experimental gene therapies and enslave us by making us all cyborgs.

Next up, Attorney Thomas Renz interview on the American government being involved in the origins of COVID as a bioweapon, what he's learned from whistleblower(s), lawsuits against the CDC, DHS, The Biden Regime & more

Alicia is an investigative journalist and multimedia reporter. Alicia’s work is featured on numerous outlets including the Gateway Pundit, Project Veritas, World Net Daily, Townhall and Media Research Center, where she exposes fraud and abuse in government, media, Big Tech, and Big Pharma and public corruption. She brings her brand of truth to RVM in a new weekly show.

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11 months ago

You are right, this is a very complicated case. For example, you know the PCR tests are manipulated. You know they don’t work. Yet you make the mistake of giving credit to COVID cases based upon them. Be careful. There are two metrics that demand scrutiny. Death by all causes according to the social security master file, from pre-pandemic, COVID period from late 2019 to late 2020, and the post jab period.

Look at the illegal data collection changes leading to deaths by COVID while ignoring comorbidities made by HHS, NVSS and the CDC including cash incentives to hospitals to follow deadly protocols, to perform and diagnose COVID positive cases, and the lowered standard for declaring cases.

A thorough examination of these facts quickly reveals that what was made in Ralph Baric’s lab and finished in Wuhan China was always going to be in the new mRNA/DNA viral vector injections, and that all the alleged COVID cases were nothing more than smoke and mirrors involving misappropriated influenza cases, cancer cases, diabetes and heart diseases, aka comorbidities, while death by all causes did not really change from the 10 year average during COVID pre-mRNA injections.

Accuracy is of the utmost concern.

Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
11 months ago
Reply to  Joe

If interested in solid hard core, honest interpretation and elucidation of CDC vaers’ stats, etc., check-out the impressive work of John Cullen on YT or RUMBLE! 👍

11 months ago

Tom Renz, thank you!!! Please make sure all your evidence is in a safe place just in case it needs to be. The people we are fighting against have no limits to their evil. God Bless and protect you sir!

Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
11 months ago

People are ‘mysteriously’ dying, yes. . . More accurately: being deliberately slo-mo v°aXe attacked–only to be pre-meditatedly murdered–by €vil darkn€st caBAAListic, psychopathic predatory creatures. . . O H€LL DØUBLE YES to that and then some! 💉💰³☠️³💰💉

11 months ago

Husband is an architect who works for a large worldwide firm. Given the world we live in now, I don’t know why I was shocked when he told me about a SEMINARY his firm just completed with communal (both male and female) bathrooms complete with urinals which have to, by Code, be included. A SEMINARY. smh
God help us.

Christine foster
11 months ago

We are hackable animals what does that make him and who gave him the power.

11 months ago

“Good Luck”, maybe you have enough to pause a local situation, but if you think Rand Paul, who was served with papers he personally signed for, of proof of international bio-weapons violation after violation, racketeering and fraud, and premeditated murder of the human race, and THEN said nothing. SAME FOR JIM JORDON! FUK’M ALL!

11 months ago

STILL CHASING SARS COV2 VIRUS? Boy oh boy, they just live in a bubble!
Hello… it’s the diversion, there never was a outbreak, China turned the microwave energy on their own people. Same exact symptoms as the flu.

You’ll never catch them on releasing a pathogen that exist only inside a computer, stop playing their game. These 4G & 5G towers are what’s killing thousands, and the wildlife. It’s radiation… Hello. Go back to hard wired routers, shut off the wifi.

11 months ago

NO! SARS Cov2 has never been isolated, there doesn’t exist a single sample on this earth. It’s been rejected at the patent office twice, and only appears on a computer monitor. This B/S has got to stop. Nothing came out of a fish market in Wuhan, nothing leaked out of a lab, THAT’S THE DIVERSION!!!

People are sick from radiation, symptoms – flu like – look it up.

  1. Use radiation poisoning to promote a vaccine
  2. Get them to dwell on variations of lab leaks
  3. Get China to go along with the 5G Radiation Towers.
  4. $$$$
  5. Laugh that they can’t prove anything else, except gene editing, they signed up for. $$$$