Stew Peters: Anthony Fauci ABANDONED By Comrades; MASSIVE Evidence Pouring Out About Fauci’s KILLER CRIMES

COVID was CREATED in China, by Fauci, for the Elites!

Attorney Thomas Renz joins to detail his lawsuit exposing Fauci's LIES to Congress, the connections to Hunter Biden, and Big Pharma's dirty dealings.

Check out: to find more on this lawsuit headed straight to D.C.'s doorstep!

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5 days ago

HERE WE [email protected]^%!&%G GO AGAIN
Clearly Stew doesn’t get it, we’ve been down this rabbit hole about the existence of a “SARS COV2 virus created in stinking “lab” and then we find out it was only a computer model, doesn’t really exist on this planet, and therefore you’ll never pin Fauci on releasing it AND THAT’S WHY IT’S NEVER ISOLATED IN ANY HUMAN – DEAD OR ALIVE!
he pretends he knows and understands Dr. David Martin & Karen Kingston, but pulls this bonehead line of distraction all because Rand Paul danced with Mass Murderer Fauci using this false narrative

(exactly what they want you to follow and are laughing how red in the face you get) and in the end he’ll walk. Forrest Gump is back!