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Stopping the WHO, Camps & Medical Tyranny with Targeted Strategies – Todd Callender With Maria Zeee

Attorney Todd Callendar joins us to discuss the need for targeted strategies to stop quarantine camps being utilised to imprison citizens, Biden's Executive Order to advance transhumanism, end the patenting of human beings, and exiting the system of medical martial law being built globally.

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1 month ago

The MSM in the states and Australia are so complicit with the government and as such the WHO.

They are no longer involved in journalism

1 month ago
Reply to  Stewart

That has been true since Operation Mockingbird. The Zionist Jews are in control of the news, the banks, our government, etc., and are slowly squeezing out our freedoms.

Michael Lewis Kahn
1 month ago

Great work. Thank you for information and suggestions.

1 month ago

This was a great interview Maria. Thank you and Tom Callendar for all you do.

1 month ago
Reply to  dimples

Tom Callendar rocks!

1 month ago

Thank you Maria and Mr Calendar! You are so on it. I listen every time you make a video. Love from Canada.

1 month ago

Homoborgenesis? Homobots! Just add hardware. Her volume gets louder & LOUDER (muted when her lips are moving)

Deborah Kimsey
1 month ago

There is deception when life altering substances are slipped into our bodies thru inconspicuous methods or without our permission. This is attempted murder. How come people are so compliant in their response to all of this going on? The criminals try to normalize their crimes. We have to quit listening to then and take ACTION AGAINST THEM RIGHT NOW, NO MORE EXCUSES.

1 month ago

“Out of office”? NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
They all opted in to participate in genocide & tyranny. They know the DEATH PENALTY is the consequence. They chose death. They are begging for proof of consequence. As long as they continue to breathe, they will continue to conspire. Let’s put THEM in the ‘covid’ camps, ‘interrogate’ them & shoot them with lead or with liquid. I say liquid. Let’s give them the fate they intended for us.

Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
1 month ago
Reply to  LTthatsME

Y A H T Z E❗️❗️❗️

1 month ago

There are some of us who are old or disabled. Some are alone and poor, living in tiny apartments with no place to grow anything. There isn’t much, other than resisting and sharing the truth where we can. I’ve decided to simply trust God’s promises, and pray for those who are doing the fighting and for people to turn to Christ in repentance. I know we are told to pray for our leaders, there aren’t any further instructions regarding praying for leaders who are possessed. I wish there were.

Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
1 month ago


1 month ago

ALL of the shots since 2018, maybe even before, contain graphene oxide. The flu shot my two friends got in Dec 2017, put one in the hospital for two weeks. The other friend died. I told them both “do not get the flu shot” to no avail. We are being targeted for elimination.

1 month ago

Maria fantastic show with Todd Callandar. Please find out the company he uses in Australia for the Chlorine Dioxide? I would absolutely help in any way possible. God bless always, Dana

Melanie Hancock
1 month ago

I love you guys and keep it up. The fight! However don’t not notice what God is doing. He is stopping this! Wait and see.
Watch on Telegram or Rumble, Julie Green ministries. God speaks to her every day and he tells us what is going to happen.