Jason Bermas

The Dr. Judy Wood Op – Jason Bermas [VIDEO]

"One of the things that I've tried to do over the last twenty years is get people to seriously investigate, not only the physical anomalies behind 9/11 but all the things we went over yesterday in Fabled Enemies, the back story..." - Jason Bermas

Fabled Enemies A 9/11 Watch Along With Jason Bermas [DOCUMENTARY VIDEO With Commentary]

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4 months ago

Big fan od Dr Judy Wood the only one who gets it right on 911 physics – also checkout more analysis of similar at richplanet.tv

4 months ago

No planes hit the towers. Yep the truth hurts. Probably a missile. Bombs inside to make the holes for sure. Thermite at bottom , Why cant 10 different groups do 10 different things so you cant guess it? If you look at R.Hall’s vids on richplanet.tv he has a full scale models of the city and shows plane speeds and banking and elevation and shows no passenger plane could have done what was shown from multiple angles. And the 17sec delay on the live footage allowed the plane to be spliced in. Holograms were possible too – research quasi crystals but difficult to prove. Only judy wood can explain how the towers freefalled and no thermite or fire or plane or missile could make that happen. Poor job trying to tar her already destroyed rep. Read Judy’s book. The photos speak for themselves. It is brilliant. Uses photo evidence and hearsay not required.

4 months ago
Reply to  bloglogician

apparently Judy cannot explain everything – James FItzer has a very good analysis that debunks Judy’s DEW claims – all the evidence actually points to mini-nukes in the basements – sorry Judy fans – i thought her analysis was cool at first too but you have to keep an open mnd – nikes did the job

4 months ago
Reply to  mok

The maximum explosive pressure is closest to the bomb. We can see the towers quite clearly coming apart from top down. You are suggesting the blast started at bottom, made its way up lift shafts and stairwells, got to top, turned around and then started doing damage. Did you never see the actual event?

4 months ago

I hardly think Mr. Bermas is in any position to make a Psychiatric diagnosis. When an argument begins by attacking someones character, credibility is destroyed so this piece belongs in the trash bin of Journalistic malfeasance, even if you disagree with Dr. Judy Woods hypothesis.

4 months ago

OK now let’s get together a video of Alex Jones acting like a complete loon… then we can say that Jason here is also obviously part of a disinfo/discredit campaign due to his association with that maniac. MUCH closer association between Bermas and Jones, and a GREAT deal more footage of Jones behaving like a psychopath!

Tom Talley
4 months ago

Sure do wish you were back in the saddle making Videos , again . They were great . Your first persona as ‘Betsy McGee’ was Very effective . I know others who feel the same as I do

Mark Conlon
4 months ago

What a terrible video just basically doing a character assassination of Dr. Judy Wood. You offer no evidence of anything in this awful video Jason. Where’s this video of Dr Wood with Nico Haupt you kept going on about, you failed to show? Hey Jason, what makes you qualified to be making psychiatric diagnosis, and throwing about labels such as a lunatic? do you feel the same as Alex jones, who you associated with, who was spreading disinformation? It is strange, that in your Loose Change films you supported the idea of “no-plane” at Shanksville? Yet, cannot grasp basic Newtonian physics at the WTC? Also very interesting is, Dylan Avery completely omitting information regarding the holographic technology in the same article/document that he promoted voice morphing with the phone calls? Was that by accident? Why did you ignore evidence of Flight 93 landing at Reagan National Airport at 10:28 a.m. Jason?

If anyone wants to watch a real film about what happened on 9/11, which Loose Change wouldn’t cover, then watch – 9/11 Alchemy “Facing Reality” by Chris Hampton, of Wolf Clan Media.

Make America Awake Again
4 months ago

Emergency Disclaimer Re: Judy Wood

For neophytes in the 9/11 Truth movement, please take heed that Judy Wood is widely regarded as professional disinformation purposefully designed discredit, mislead, and malign our cause.

There is a legion of paid “trolls” (e.g., the intelligence agencies) disseminating disinformation in a hostile act of tactical political subversion against the 9/11 Truth movement as this is being written.

Hologram planes and directed free-energy weapons are theories concocted to muddy the waters of debate and hijack the narrative.

To the average American, the assertion that 9/11 was a vulgar betrayal of our nation by rogue elements within our own government (and others), is a tectonic paradigm shift – not an easy pill to swallow. By injecting non-sensical theories into the equation, the perpetrators, and those engaged in the coverup, can turn the majority of outsiders away in disgust.

They intentionally undermine the case for patriots who question 9/11, and turn undiscerning readers into unconscious channels of disinformation, which perpetuates the cycle.

To quote Andy Steele of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth in the preface to his graphic novel, “Born on 9/11”, we are:

“confronting a common enemy – a dark, entrenched establishment whose own survival depends on its ability to stifle any utterance of truth and to perpetuate a lie that has mutilated twenty years of American history”.

As millions of people awaken to 9/11, these depraved and nefarious forces will stop at nothing to obfuscate, distract, and manipulate the truth.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Be watchful, my friends!

P.S. Jason, that Fabled Enemies watch-along was epic. You’re an OG in the truth game, keep it up, and thank you!