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Tiktoker Unveils Cash Offer to Demonize Trump and Trump Supporters in Propaganda Post [VIDEO]

The Good Information Foundation offered $400 to make a video post with the following points.

1.) Call January 6 a "criminal conspiracy."

2.) Say Trump Republicans are responsible for January 6.

3.) Frame January 6 as "an attack on our country."

4.) Dis on MAGA Republicans.

5.) Make clear that this is an ongoing and unresolved problem.

6.) Channel all of this onto the manipulation of voter agency to turn audience anger around this event into defiance to make them more likely to vote.


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2 months ago

Even democrats know it’s all BS but they still voted for Biden & Harris, but I’m no Trump supporter since he’s responsible for the imprisonment of the man who put him on office, and said nothing about the murder of Seth Rich, he hired the deep state to swallow Julian Assange because he compared Trump & Hillary to Syphilis and Cholera. Then he said Obama had a real birth certificate, the Clintons were “pretty nice people” and gave America to a mass murderer with big pharma and now the world’s burnt and we’re a dying species. We’ve been poisoned.
Thanks to Trump alone.

2 months ago

I believe the attack on the Capitol was an Antifa operation. There were Trump supporters there, but they weren’t leading the charge. If you look at a Trump rally video, who do see? Older, mostly Whiter people. At the Capitol, Trump supporters were not going full Spiderman, climbing the front wall. Trump voters were not hopped up on Balance of Nature and Relief Factor, using trash cans to break through the windows and doors. Those people were Antifa, in manner and movement.

It is a true testament of the FBI powers, that they could so quickly and completely locate and arrest these insurrectionists. Still on the loose, the pipe bomber that left bomb devises on the front steps of the DNC and the RNC. Ray Epps is still rolling along. Adam Richs’ murder has not been found. Hunter Biden’s laptop has been in the headlines for so long, it was made into a movie(that I plan to watch today). The FBI almost always take people into custody after a raid. Not so, with Trump. This a play to keep him unfavorably portrayed in the media.

After trying for 7 years, the media and the Left have not able to take down Trump. Still no success. Either Trump is a criminal mastermind or the DOJ and the media can’t find the nonexistent evidence.

2 months ago

This should be circulated far and wide, so people can realize how DISHONEST and CONNIVING the Left is, and the kind of brainwashing they use against their political enemies.