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Zelenko Report: The Truth About Ukraine: Episode 40 With George Webb

What's going on with the Biolabs, and what exactly is Operation Blackjack? Investigative Journalist George Webb joins us to fill in the details.

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The Steal - The Impossible Occurs - Gateway Pundit's Joe Hoft & Ann Vandersteel Of The Zelenko Report [VIDEO]


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1 month ago

To much advertising. I clicked on your site to see what was happening, not a bunch of ads.! is ok, but 2 or 3 at a time , no thanks

Boyd Smith
1 month ago

VERY DISAPPOINTED to see this screed ‘report’ with the name ‘Zelenko’ on it, that SO MISREPRESENTS Dr. Zelenko’s values, and ideas! This report does NOT comport with sound reporting about Ukraine. It’s closer akin to Russian-Bot propaganda,.. Putin – Kremlin narrative.
Just so disappointing to see Dr. Zelenko’s country of birth ‘smeared’ and discounted,.. with smears against President Zelensky,,.. claims that ONLY greedy, and immoral oligarchs exist in Ukraine,… and totally discounting the good people of Ukraine who simply don’t want to be RUSSIAN OR EU VASALS!
They wish to have some freedom, peace & prosperity that hard work, and trust in God can afford!

Jo Ann Reed
1 month ago

Well, now Macron of France (a Rothchild-if I’m right) signaling his interest in support for end to EU and exiting NATO , to kind of agree with Putin’s point after damned near ww3/big nuke threats, then Putin’s sent kamaze!
Wow! Very interesting.

Yes, as the gentleman in previous post here says he was upset, apparently he was voicing to represent the human identity of relevance involved in the struggles of the regular people struggling to find their own place for a deeply desired peace and retooling of life in search of liberty, security independence without the kind of nagging interferences they described in life living in

Russia… As regular folks… Not fancy oligarchs, sounds not too different than the similarity of many Virgin Islands Billions dollars Estates, off shore tax havens…
That Epstein, Obama’s, and Biden go off into the safety zone and or retire in…. And what ever Epstein’s abusive,criminal pleasures and top level extortions (I suppose perhaps luring even a Prince, oh, how perfectly ideal a set up that must have been-!)

Putin did seem to restore some kind of morale,or hope to many of us who are so sick and disgusted of America’s latest corruption , bias, lunacy and shameless disrespect, utter destruction and complete psychopaths that lack empathy, sensitivity,mindfulness whatsoever towards children, the missing, extorted, abused and much worse, at rate of almost one million per year in United States, and now the big beaurocracies of UN, WHO, CDC, cps, hhs, wef, etc, America’s stupidest senseless immoral and fiscally retarded and socially retarded libbies continue to haul in MILLIONS MORE IN REFUGEE CHILDREN SEPERATED FROM PARENTS!!
I’d heard how well emphasized the like-minded sentiments we’re expressed coming from Putin’s own pet peeves, and thought for a day or two, “oh yeah, this country is gonna get it one day if it doesn’t finally repent and clean up this intolerable disregard wretched foul mistreatments of parent children, and refugees alike, citizens and foreign , no respect for human beings at all .
Only to their own crude species!

Jo Ann Reed
1 month ago

I mean ppl just so drained from endless destructions and extending lengths of lives interrupted, depleted, degraded, no justice, such decietful human rights abuses, selfish rewarding to use some decent , innocent citizens, and or refugees by the millions, take children from our homes, their homes, redistribute us separately into social system desparations, a giant ghetto is now America!
While latest liberals, who are more fake and exp. Own identity distortions, that others suffer their damages, it’s akin to the old “four year lesbians” pathology in personality disordered narcissistic tyrants, me me me,
“my foster child is an accessory, but it’s so last season, I’ll just go on an ebay social hook up and cattle call and trade in for a more interesting child, to treat like a toy, or a sexual science experiment, Mr. Potato head. ”
Yeah, for at $17k a month, meanwhile… Missing children!!! Bad bad spreadsheeting!
This is not that different than krystallnacht!!!