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Alicia Powe: Transhumanism, Covid Jabs & 1000 Year Old Humans? Biomedical Gerontologist Aubrey de Grey Sounds Off

Anti-aging pioneer Aubrey de Grey joins Alicia Powe to discuss how mRNA tech with the covid jabs and transhumanism

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11 months ago

Personally his credibility was lost on two counts…

Sandra Spencer
11 months ago


11 months ago

Can he read???!!!

11 months ago

While Alicia did her best in getting ADg to admit to anything, it’s clear the interview needed someone with a superior understanding of the issues and data. Stew should have been along for the ride.

11 months ago

True but it’s way hotter to watch her doing it than SP.

11 months ago

I’ve followed Aubrey for years and admired his work. As soon as he dismissed the fake vaxx as nefarious, I lost all faith in him. I’m turning my back on him. He will end up dying ironically an old man that had great potential for humanity and will soon be forgotten.

11 months ago

At 25:05 I had to stop listening. He has no idea what he’s talking about. COVID is not a virus and he should know that. Alicia did a great job keeping her composure when she realized that too.

11 months ago

To let this monster on RVM is shocking. The girl is clearly not up to task. Probably never seen evil. Well she has now seen the face of the Devil and I hope she will learn from this.

11 months ago

I actually started to feel bad for Alicia for having to interview such a moron, then couldn’t even watch it further. What a psycho this guy is!