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All Signs Of Nord Stream Pipeline Destruction Point To The US Navy – Mike Adams [VIDEO]

Would the Biden Regime or the United States government do something like this?

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Question Everything
2 months ago

Well, of course. There is literally video documentation of our government and its “officials” saying they are going to do it…. Put in is fighting the New World Order and global government. We need to pray for their success and Ukraine is a cesspool of corruption and has been since CIA involvement in their rigged 2014 election. They are top 3 of most corrupt money laundering anti human Nazi states on earth. FACT! Why is our government sending HUNDREDS OF VILLIONS TO THEM? Maybe to make their friends richer and cover their tracks while enriching themselves as well.

2 months ago

What are the signs?

Coolmeadow Kid
2 months ago
Reply to  Bud

I somehow kicked the first line of my post. It should start with this: “Mike Adams, you haven’t stopped long enough to see anything past the explosion. I guarantee” Sorry for the confusion.

Coolmeadow Kid
2 months ago

you, whoever made this decision has thought WAY PAST that point. Could the US have done it? Certainly. They have motive and capability to do so, as you have pointed out. But Russia doesn’t have a reason to do this? Come on, Man!! (I had to say it.) Think, man, think. Putin is itching for a reason to launch a nuke or two (or more). They’ve already made it clear they would limit the gas to Germany, and therefore much of Eastern Europe, an action that could kill hundreds of thousands of Europeans if they have a worse than normal winter. And they have made it clear their nukes can reach the US in 89 seconds. All this because collectively, we’re supplying arms to Ukraine. So, especially since our PINO (Biden) can’t keep his stinkin’ mouth shut on what the US might or might not do in a given military situation, and therefore tips our hand, or at least our thoughts, to our biggest enemies around this earth (ie: ‘We will send ground troops into Taiwan if China invades.’), you have to look at the long game. Yeah, Russia heard Biden say that (I heard the ‘Thank You’ from here!) and could have seized it to use to their advantage. Now if Russia cut the gas flow off, or just drastically down, on their own and were to be blamed for the damage, the world would be against them for every life hurt or lost. I can already hear the voices from all over the world about Russia being guilty of crimes against humanity. But if they can blame the US for the explosion, it allows them to blow up their pipeline and in the process, control all of Eastern Europe for years to come. They’ve already struck a deal with China to sell their natural gas, so they have income off of that. It would also allow Putin the control he longs for and turn the world against the US at the same time. That would be a win/win for Putin. Now, I’m not saying that’s how this will play out, but it at least looks at a valid alternative to your limited view of the world.

2 months ago

OK, no doubt usa had something to do with it, where’s your proof to back this up. I’ve listened to another that has the proof. spit it out. You’re still talking. It was the USA and France.

Orange peel
2 months ago

Our military is corrupt.. The woke top brass have destroyed our military. They bend over for our enemies. Our troops are being used to destroy our allies and kiss the nazi regime butts. Joe Biden has destroyed enough. Someone needs to arrest the top brass and Joe Biden for treason and crimes against humanity.

Bruce Epperson
2 months ago

Could a torpedo cause this?

2 months ago

Shut the hell up Adams, even if it’s true, you sound like a sissy pissy prom date left standing in the parking lot, it could have been martians listening to you tell it.

2 months ago

My brother-in-law was in the navy and has attested to the fact that they did a lot of diving to those depts. He was trained and did dove that deep when he was in service over 20 yrs ago. So if they were doing that kind of diving then they certainly do it today.