Censorship, Fauci & the Truth About Big Pharma With Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. & Brian Rose [VIDEO]

"Exclusive Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Interview With Brian Rose, Founder & Host London Real & The Digital Freedom Platform"


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7 months ago

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a crusader and hero for the health of adults and children.

A mob of morally corrupt profit seekers have knowingly and willingly injured and killed millions of people. Get a rope! Hang them all. With the short drop method.

Donald John Trump, Mr. Operation Warp Speed, had a choice. Take the advice of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who knew, from his own investigations, that all prior vaccines failed; to be safe and effective; or take the advice of William Henry Gates.

Trump took the advice of Bill Gates and launched Operation Warp Speed; ignoring the safety issues with all the mRNA gene modifier doses.
Trump still praises Big Pharma and their mRNA gene modifier doses; no matter how much his constituents and people worldwide have suffered; due to his recommendation and their trust in
his judgement.

Beverly Bender
7 months ago
Reply to  !!!!!!!

Think about, President Trump knew the election would be stolen. Therefore he has to push the vaccine, this way it was under an “emergency” and we had the choice. Biden tried to make it mandated but it didn’t work out for him. It is sad though the military and the medical field was pushed into either taking it or losing their jobs. My mom died after taking the Moderna booster. 11 days, she was gone. We are in a war of a lifetime all over the world and because of the media, the blood is on their hands. Stop blaming Trump, he is draining the swamp Wake the fuck up.

7 months ago
Reply to  !!!!!!!

Did President Yrump ever say we absolutely had to get jabed?