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Alicia Powe: COVID Jab Propaganda Still Being Pushed As Deadly Side Effects Persist, Persecution Of Joe Biggs

Well, it looks like the World Economic Forum is running the country, along with Big Pharma, big tech Nations General Assembly convened in New York last week, and so did the Clinton Foundation, and so did the World Economic Forum, where they hosted a climate summit.

Joe Biggs, a Proud Boys leader who earned two purple hearts while serving in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, is languishing in solitary confinement for protesting the stolen election on January 6. The government is charging Biggs and the Proud Boys with sedition for allegedly attempting to "violently overthrow the government." Biggs' attorney.

Daniel Hull explains why his client faces a twenty year to life sentence and how we can help the army veteran and father win his case against Biden's Justice Department.

Alicia is an investigative journalist and multimedia reporter. Alicia’s work is featured on numerous outlets including the Gateway Pundit, Project Veritas, World Net Daily, Townhall and Media Research Center, where she exposes fraud and abuse in government, media, Big Tech, and Big Pharma and public corruption. She brings her brand of truth to RVM in a new weekly show.

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3 months ago

Why is everyone not getting the traditionally produced vaccine for Covid, covaxin from India. NO SIDE EFFECTS.

3 months ago
Reply to  dexterlwilson

So whats in it, exactly?

Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
3 months ago

The ZERØ credibility of the UNITED NØTHINGS speaks volumes for itself when a flaming malice-riddled phlegming ass such as s/he brays out ridiculou°sly pimped arrogant nønce sense such as THAT. By the way: where in h€ll was her professional paraph€nalia!? That is, black peaked wįtch’s hat, pøXy toXic cauldron, v-rrroom brøøm’n hissing cat, etc! The hideous old hag was quite obviou°sly misrepresenting herself! Despite that, any perceptive person–much less an adept of all things occult–can easily see right through any caBAAListic W€F’n NWØ sinister dark shadow creature’s illusion’n deusion! In any event, said spectre bearly resembled anything human in any way, shape or form–as is their gøthic norm . . . Lolz’n Pffffft! ⚡️👁🌟👁⚡️