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Jason Bermas EXCLUSIVE: The History Of Bio-Warfare, Weaponization Of Insects & The Persecution Of Julian Assange

Hey everybody, Jason Bermas here, and welcome to another Reality Rants, a Red Voice Media exclusive.

And hopefully, by now, you've heard the news, we're going to be expanding to a two-hour live morning show four days a week. I am pumped for that. We are going to still be doing gripping interviews, talking about information that is neither on the left or right nor even mainstream slash alternative media.

And two of the subjects that we're going to tackle today are the history of biowarfare and even weaponizing life forms, including insects. This is old technology, we're going to get into a book named Bitten. But it's often not discussed. And it is something that we refer to when we refer to that NASA document.

And then we're going to be getting into Julian Assange.

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Elisha Cramer
4 months ago

I’ve been tested for Lymes a couple times. I question the validity of the tests themselves.

3 months ago

Regardless of whose army it is, sadistic psychøpaths comprising the tøp brasshøle tier desperately beg for merciless razing from planet Earth–as do their terminally €vil darkn€st military industrial corporate compleX bankster masters, et alia. . . PERIØD! 💰³🏴‍☠️³💰

Laurie Luke
3 months ago

How many times did Jason ask his guest for the Go Fund Me info for Julian Assange? I don’t believe she ever said it.