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JD Rucker: Here’s a Disturbing Theory About the Jabs That Makes Too Much Sense

There have been plenty of conspiracy theories about Covid-19, the "vaccines," and the roles being played by various organizations such as the Chinese Communist Party, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, and our own government. I've echoed many of them in the recent past. Most of them point back to depopulation and remnant control used against the whole world, but what if this really does come down to the United States itself?

During an interview I did with "Man in America" Seth Holehouse yesterday, we spent the better part of a segment discussing the jabs and a theory he'd been working on recently, along with a few others. Basically, he believes it's possible that the real bioweapons being used against us are the jabs that are being injected into over 200 million Americans.

We are seeing plenty of adverse reactions to them, especially among young and otherwise healthy men. IF the Chinese Communist Party used their puppets in Big Pharma to develop and distribute a bioweapon that targeted military-aged men, then everything that's playing out around us would make more sense. This would explain why a Beijing-controlled Biden-Harris regime would be pushing so hard to get every man, woman, and child in the nation jabbed. It would explain why obvious concerns about the jabs are being widely ignored, even suppressed. And it would explain why the mandates seem to be focused mostly on the military, healthcare workers, and first responders.

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4 months ago

I watched the video of Gen Chi Hao Chen way back then and was not at all surprised when COVID-19 was said to have originated in the Wuhan lab. They always wanted to topple America without doing infrastructure damage other weapons would cause because they want to ‘colonize’ the continent for the Chinese people! It all makes sense in light of this pre-announced Chinese plans.

Paul M
4 months ago

Thank you, bearded man. You are the first person who seems to be getting it about the Covid psy-op. They relabeled the seasonal flu as “Covid”, used a false test which only they could manage and counted any kind of death as “Covid death”, to create the hysteria of a “pandemic”. All obviously planned years in advance, and rehearsed publicly mere months before the execution. The narrative bobbed and weaved and censored against rational analysis… There was no virus at all. Letting on that the ostensibly inaccessible Chinese labs were where the Chinese had invented the false virus was a misdirection, which the ardent but still wanting-to-believe-in-a-virus critics have swallowed hook, line and sinker. Those labs were and still are developing the real bio-weapons, for which the fake vaccine regime is the delivery system.

Kay Sampson
4 months ago

Been saying this for a few years now. What do you think the attack on masculinity is all about? If our military can’t don’t know what gender they are and are dressing in women’s clothes, how effective do you think they’ll be defending the country, (protecting their families, teaching their children personal responsibility…. etc.?)

4 months ago

Knew all of this!!! Nothing new. Heard this all. 💥💯🙏♥️