Justice for the Vaccine-Injured: Doctors Charles Hoffe, Stephen Malthouse & Cris Vleck [VIDEO]

Millions of men and women were told to "do the right thing," but when their injuries became an inconvenient narrative, they were cast aside and ignored. Join the discussion with these three doctors as they raise awareness for the vaccine-injured.

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Kathy Palmer
5 months ago

Dr. Malone met with the CIA in the Wuhan Lab and said he was making a virus for bats. He also is active in still making vaccines part of ACTIV with NIH. I don’t know if he can be trusted. Controlled Oppostion? Dr. Jane Ruby show Oct. 3rd.

dr. yousef
5 months ago

hello dear doctors, brothers and sisters, my name is Dr. yousef i am intensivist and homeopathy researcher, i have a lot of research’s and i discovered a treatment for the COVID19 befor 2 years, i was suppressed and threatened to be eliminated but nevertheless i did not stop i made huge medical trial to prove the efficacy of the medicine that i invented and it was stopped at the end, i have all results and Data. you will be surprised of it… i contacted universities, research centers and health ministers plus the WHO with no response. now i made a treatment for the vaccine side effect that can reverse the changes that happened to the vaccinated people, it work in excellent way and really fast. as you know making a medicine and distributing it without proper papers will cause that i lose my medical licence … so i put everything in order and i make it official. now its produced by a pharmaceutical company and anyone can get it.
i will leave my email for inquiries questions [email protected]