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JD Rucker: Millionaire Matt Gubba Explains How We STOP the WEF and The Great Reset [VIDEO]

Fighting the World Economic Forum is very different from fighting companies or even governments. They are nebulous and so entrenched in multiple aspects of our lives that it's challenging to isolate tangible actions we can take. Millionaire activist Matt Gubba joined me today to discuss ways we really can fight against this existential threat to society and prevent The Great Reset from seeing the light of day.

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7 months ago

The only way to stop the agenda is for people to know it, and for people to be willing to make giant sacrifices to careers, jobs, entertainment, access to banking and much more because this is where this is going. If people draw the line in the sand and say no, this will blow up in the globalists faces.

People need to see what the agenda is, that by participating in it they are only delaying the inevitable, and may die early anyways from taking the COVID shots. They need to know that every time they give in to save their lifestyles they are feeding the very beast that’s intent to destroy them, too. There’s way to win this game other than refusing to participate in it. And this has to happen with people in every institution of government, the health care system, universities, bureacracies and with the people refusing all testing, all masks and all vaccines.

If people understand this, the people could easily seize the globalists assets and trie them for crimes against humanity.

7 months ago

Turn down the intro music when you are talking…

7 months ago

That music doesn’t need to be played several times in one video.

7 months ago

Really? The only way to stop the globalists and communists is to remove them.

7 months ago

I had to stop the video because I can’t hear the narration over the music this is actually very terrible it’s too bad cuz it’s probably good content.

Ken MacPhee
7 months ago

People are working on a parallel economy. I think that’s a good way to fight.

7 months ago

Stop using debt cards and start using cash again