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Tucker: 14-Year-Old Developed Myocarditis After Getting Covid Vaccine, No One Seemed to Care [VIDEO]

“…a probable Link between receiving the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine and the appearance of myocarditis among men age 16-30. No one seemed to care. People were being hurt, killed, but the vaccines were never halted or slowed down.”

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Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
3 months ago

So very sorry to learn about the endless suffering incurred by stricken individuals and their families! ‘Round the clock for more months than I would like to think about, I WARNED’n WARNED various media sources/outlets on Google’s msm feed–ad nauseum–re. the breathtaking DoD, WW3, d€mocįdalist engineered tøXicity which you address! Goođ Gođ who would/could have ever guessed. . .

Also featured on said hub were ISRAELI rags such as the TIMES’n JERUSALEM POST etc.! Yet, ALL that I ever heard from anyone was the utterly dinning roar of cynically grinning crickets. Are these the same damned condemned ones wįtch [sic] accursed W€F’n NWØ ghoulish psychopathic curs entreat us to eat versus meat, I wonder. . . Lolz’n Pffffft!

3 months ago

It was August 23rd 2021 when the MSM lied to the public. I remember seeing it on the news. They stated the FDA approved the vaccine. But left out the critical detail that the FDA approved the comirnaty vaccine which wasn’t even available. Then the FDA fought in court to suppress the safety data of the Pfizer jab and lost. I hold MSM accountable for lying to the public about the FDA approval. Because the FDA approved something that wasn’t even available to the public. Then I hold the FDA for criminal misconduct by pushing an experimental bio shot on the public but with holding information of the dangers of it and suppressing the safety data. By even going as for as to fight the release of that data in court but thankfully lost. Then hearing about the health treaty with the W.H.O. is severely illegal and unconditional. By colouration of deceptively manipulating pandemics. I don’t see how the United States could be in an a agreement to manipulate a plandemic to influence the population into more experimental bio weapons. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of a case that involving a military personnel. That a person can’t be made to take an experimental medicine. I personally seen that case. But for some strange reason it has been severely suppressed because I haven’t noticed it in any actions lately. Where that case was made years ago. Other countries don’t have the United States Constitution. Covid 19 still has never been isolated in a lab to factually prove it exists. As for as I’m concerned they have been manipulating every sickness like the flu, cold and everything else as covid just to push their bio weapon on the public. Now further looking into 5G. That rolled out in 2019 and covid 19 rolled our at the end of 2019. 5G can cause people to get sick from different frequencies and amplification. Bill Clinton when he was president even apologized on TV about experiments being done on the public back then. There’s something seriously wrong when a governing body has done it a few times in the past and still continues to do it today. And still maintain the power today it had back then. It’s like the Nuremberg code was created just to appease the people and that was all.