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‘Vaccinated’ People No Longer Human – NASA-Langley Research On 5th Gen Warfare – Todd Callender With Maria Zeee [VIDEO]

"They have named vaccinated people and I use the term vaccinated loosely, but genetically modified people are now referred to as Homo Borg Genesis, not Homo Sapiens."

Watch the full segment: Stopping the WHO, Camps & Medical Tyranny with Targeted Strategies – Todd Callender With Maria Zeee

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3 months ago

At least someone else realizes the accuracy of a previous post of mine that didn’t make it through the censorship process. Honesty in journalism right?

3 months ago

It reminds me of the European life insurance companies who refuse to pay out say anyone who took the vax committed suicide. Keep in mind, these are the SAME insurance companies who threatened to raise rates if you didn’t get the vax.

3 months ago

They can put a name on the vaxxed and say they aren’t human and own them, but that’s crap. The vaxxed people didn’t know what was being done to them and they can’t be owned by anyone. If this turns out to be true and they try, to say the vaxxed are owned by the drug companies then the people should all uprise and end these monsters once and for all.

1 month ago
Reply to  Utha

People should have joined in the truth before taking a jab that was explicitly experimental and that although there were no inserts to read and NO liability to the patent holders( that held that patent for years before Covivid was introduced) joining the experiment was an action that signed away autonomy. It should come as no surprise this us where we find ourselves as loved ones pass away in numbers that no one us admitting to. Good luck getting the sheep to rise up. They are too busy drinking poisonous tea and throwing stones at the freedom fighters. Too busy being offended by Orange man lack of grace. We’ll come to find out there is NO grace on the leadership that is evil and taking from Americans in every way possible.
Prioritize the immediate danger right? I don’t think that people have been hijacked and modified is as vital as the fact that they are dying in droves. And continuing the divide only enables the tske over of our nation. 👹💔🖤

3 months ago

Unless there is a link to the original document or some kind of other documentation, I’m walking away every time. Asymetric warfare is afoot, people. Don’t let a Leftist get you to discredit yourself by prattling on about some made-up BS that they have ginned-up to smear the opposition with.

3 months ago

There is no such document! Can you share it …

2 months ago

Homo Borg Genesis? Like the collective race in Star Trek known as The Borg? Is that what they are ultimately going for? I’d say the mad scientist(s) who came up with this aren’t just insane but evil too.