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WORLD FIRST: ROBOTIC ARMS Assembling Via Nanotech Inside COVID-19 “Vaccines” – Filmed in Real Time – Dr. Nixon With Maria Zeee

Dr. David Nixon joins us to reveal footage NEVER before seen anywhere in the world – real-time footage of the nanotechnology inside the COVID-19 injections assembling robotic arms that guide the nanotechnology development.

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11 months ago

Maria and Dr Nixon Great work!!!!!
Do you know if any of these things are in people who got “covid” ????, (but were not jabbed).

10 months ago

yes everyone has them no exceptions the injected have it inserted ion the dna —the rest is being taken in through food breathe and drink but the immune system isnt compromised and have to be activated as well —would get rid of the cell phones and other tech thats transmissible wi fi and li fy

10 months ago

everyone is loaded with nano we have been warning people on this for over 13 years but no one took us seriously and I do pods on this—-anyone you see know or hear has this shit in them —you eat it you drink it you are breatheing them in —the difference is its not altering you re dna to a third strain dna— and what you re seeing there where he gets it totally off–is this is an operating system with the LNP carrying the data—moderna states in one of there documents that the programs in them are 10 ^50th power–so this self assembles self replicates and self repairs and what you see in the squares are whats called lattices in the nano realm —its equivalent to a foundation of a house that gets laid and then you build up from the foundation as well you are seeing origami setting platforms so this will then network patforms eventually building implants to further the communication network so this goes exponential when blue tooth becomes activated—what you are seeing is a bottom up assembly —it can build top down or bottom up


10 months ago
Reply to  independz

Where can we find your podcasts on this topic?

Barbara Lane
11 months ago

Do these new BLUE LIGHTS in all our street lights we have anything to do with these??

10 months ago
Reply to  Barbara Lane

it can access and activate but its the blue tooth thats a bigger issue and the 6 g not 5g
The violet lights are a type of 7g which triggers an emotional and irrational response
so the activation can come from li fi wi fi rf emf s elf s am fm etc photons cymatics

10 months ago

This level of technology wasn’t created at “warp speed”. This tech has obviously been in development for decades and only needed a pandemic – real or imagined – as a pretense for being unleashed on the public.

10 months ago
Reply to  Memphis_Mike

it was already going on —we have been screaming this for 13 years now you re seeing it full blown and now you re seeing it uploaded and you re seeing 3rd strain dna being constructed—welcome to synthetic biology integrated with biology

10 months ago

he has no idea what hes seeing
hes seeing self assemblying and self assembly and self repairing and what hes seeing lattice construct
LNP is a data base uploaded into the dna—hes totally wrong on what powers this —try qd power

10 months ago

salt –HAHAHAHAH thats silica+ carbon

10 months ago

And this was in 4 drops of jab fluid