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Mandatory Digital Health Passports: G20 Leaders Kickstart One-World Beast Slave System

G20 leaders just signed a declaration that states vaccine passports, digital health certificates, will be adopted to facilitate all international travel.

Alicia Powe breaks down the implications of a universal digital ID and how the one-world social credit system will be used to monitor vaccine compliance and surveil every human being as the Biden administration, lockstep with the globalist predator class,' implements the Great Reset Agenda.

Dr. Andrew Huff, whistleblower and former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance, also discusses how the United States government, Anthony Fauci and EcoHealth Alliance funded the gain of function research to develop Covid 19.

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Charles-Louis Louis Labianco
2 months ago

How in hell can a G20 meeting of rich people have any impact on the stability of the greatest country, not government, but country based upon a Constitution which is of, by and for the people? Answer 1: We do not even have fraud-proof election machines nor fraud-proof systems and procedures. Answer 2: Our politicians get rich from investments in companies that the politicians regulate or fail to regulate. The politicians are “in bed together” and you know what that indicates. The police are also controlled by the politicians. When corporate government works with private corporations, it is called “fascism”. That is what Mussolini implemented in Italy as part of World War 2. Do you know that a private company, I forget the name, and other private companies write the proposed “laws and regulations” which they wish to impose on their corporate competition and upon we, the people? Yes, they do. Who wrote the “suggestions” for the Covid-19 masks, lockdowns and worse of all: mandated=coerced=forced-vaccinations=conspiracy to commit rape? Rape is a coercing or a forcing of an object into an unwilling participant. Did the CDC write the suggestions, etc.? Could those have been implemented if private businesses=corporations did not comply? No! But they did comply and that is fascism. What is the penalty for any public official to “violate” the freedoms of the constitution? NOTHING except a slap on the wrist and are told, “Do not do that again, but if you do, do not get caught.”