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7 Million People A Day Continue To Receive Covid Poison Shots Under Globalist Bioweapon Attack — That’s More Deaths Than What Happened In Nazi Germany Warns Dr. Ben Marble

Dr. Ben Marble left his job in the emergency room after he realized patients admitted with Covid were routinely administered Remdesivir, a drug that causes renal failure, and intubated to death. He then founded with a team of frontline doctors who have treated over 300,000 Covid patients.

Marble also founded the group Right Docs of History, a team of doctors who have warned against the detrimental effects of experimental Covid vaccines from the start of the pandemic. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 30,000 Americans have died after receiving an experimental Covid "vaccine" to date.

Marble warns globalists enemies of the U.S. will continue to unleash bioweapons on the public to institute a one-world government, digital currency and depopulate, in an exclusive interview with Alicia Powe.

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