Maria Zeee

Maria Zeee: Satanic Globalists Launch Their Own 10 Commandments in the Name of Climate Change!

Maria Zeee breaks down the Satanic 10 Commandments the Globalists declared at COP27, aiming to replace God's commandments and infiltrate religious institutions with their false religion of universalism.

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1 month ago

It just figures that these MORONS used the fake Mt. Sinai because they don’t even know that the REAL one is in ARABIA! Right where the BIBLE says it is. SMH!

1 month ago

God please give us a climate-changer volcano like in 1815. Let the ash block out the sun. Remind the world that GOD ALONE controls the climate and shut the mouths of these fools and tyrants! In Jesus Name!

1 month ago

There Commandments are a sacrilege. The first Commandment is thou shalt have no other gods before thee. They are claiming they are a god. So they’ve already committed sin. These people are not elected. They have no power over us. They are our equals. He gave us every herb that yields seed and every fruit tree for food and animals for food. He gave us clean water. Who messed up the water?? Oh yes, it was these elite parasites that disregarded where to dump their toxic chemicals. These parasites are the evil of our lands. We need an exorcism.