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Maria Zeee: SHEDDING – Infertility Skyrocketing, 40 Sigma Fetal Deaths – Tiffany Parotto & Dr. Thorp

Tiffany Parotto and Dr. James Thorp join us to discuss the multitude of womens' reproductive issues being seen including beyond astronomical numbers of fetal deaths, infertility, and profuse bleeding occurring, even in the uninjected population. Visit for more information.

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Al Ogilvy
1 month ago

It doesn’t help that the companies that own most of the MSM are also invested in big pharma. But of course the doctors in Australia are saying they’re baffled – since AHPRA is threatening to cancel the registration of any doctor making any negative statement about the vax, if they say what’s going on it will mean the end of their career.

Amie Cook
1 month ago

This happened to me. I work in a veterinary clinic. I share an office with the doctor who got vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine in April/May 2021. I did not get the vaccine. Shortly after he was vaccinated, I started having very long periods >2 weeks at a time and very frequent as well ( 2 weeks of bleeding very heavily, a few days of nothing, then repeat). This went on for months. One of my co-workers experienced a miscarriage during this same time frame. She was not vaccinated either. We work in close proximity to this doctor, often within 1 ft of him while working with our veterinary patients. Once I convinced him to not get a booster, this has slowed down. However, this year (2022) I did experience heavy bleeding in May/June. I am now facing a hysterectomy in Jan so I do not bleed to death! My blood counts (including ferritin) got so low that I had to have iron infusions and be on oral iron supplements at 325mg a day. I refused to have a blood transfusion for fear of getting vaccinated blood. For the upcoming surgery, if blood is needed, I have recruited my family that is unjabbed to donate for me. All of this is very scary and this vaccine should be pulled immediately.

1 month ago
Reply to  Amie Cook

Its 5g radiation poisoning.
1. If the vaxed were shedding and all it took was a small amount of shedding to harm others, how on earth have they who been injected even survive?
2. If it were transmissible via shedding why not just drop it on us from the sky?
3. Just research radiation damage and you will find all the symptos

Curious One
1 month ago
Reply to  J S

Who says they HAVEN”T dropped it from the SKY ? By the why, they then DID DO research to make it transmissible in the air.
Do you know there is a rat birth control method where bait is dropped for the rats to eat. The females who eat it, “SHED” the toxin to the other females. All to make the females sterile. It works extremely well.

Amie Cook
3 days ago
Reply to  J S

Why would 5G affect the me all of the sudden? We dont even have 5G in my area yet. This makes no sense. I strongly feel this is vaccine shedding.
I’m certainly not discounting the effects of 5G. No doubt there is harm there. However, I am convinced this is due to the stupid “vaccine”/gene therapy.

Curious One
1 month ago
Reply to  Amie Cook

I now have supraventriculat tachycardia SVT, after being near my ex husband after he had gotten his second shot. I was in perfect health all my life until this happened. I rarely ever get sick, even sniffles. But suddenly that happened. Went to a few cardiologists and they had no explanation for it either. I even had a treadmill ekg with a sonigram and my heart/blood vessels/arteries showed no past damage’ plus being in excellent condition. At 66 that is pretty damn good! Heart problems just don’t show up one day without a reason. Since there was NO HISTORY or physical damage to the body, even the cardiologists could not explain it. Except that one event.

Curious One
1 month ago