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Netanyahu Admits Israel Was Pfizer’s Lab To Test Their COVID Jab On Human Subjects – Jason Bermas [VIDEO]

"I said we'll use that, to tell you whether these vaccines, what do they do to people..." - Benjamin Netanyahu

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9 months ago

Looks like the Jews didn’t learn anything from WW2. Wasn’t the line, “Never again?” So instead, the Jews decided to follow NAZI Dr. Mengele.

Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
9 months ago

Like it ør not, Nazi kapo Şatanyahu is little more tĥan a treacĥerous, self-professeð, psycĥøpatĥic ð€møciðalist lunatic! He now ĥeaðs eXperimental Concentration Camp Israĥ€ll! From wĥat one can discern, tĥat Aĥrimaniacull €VĮL entity essentially ju§t confesseð to M€DĮCAT€D PR€M€ÐĮTAT€Ð MAŞŞ MURD€R of JEWS, et alia, 2.0! Hence, wakey-wakey PLEASE–global citizenry. . . Click! ⚠️💡⚠️

8 months ago

And they were part of Hitlers staff then too and openly Sacrifice their own people for a small group who profess they are Jewish but as Jesus exposed these high priest at that time also they still continue and they have no right to your personal records unless they can alter your DNA with these jabs making you a product and frauds placed in Americas Supreme Court ruled you are a product like a dog or cat after your DNA and God Given DNA has been altered but they never addressed the criminal intentions who are doing this in the first place with intent and breaking every Nuremberg Law to get too that point handing this criminal intent this power makes them all complicit to these crimes and they too must be tried also

8 months ago
Reply to  WTeach64

All we have about Hitler and the Holocaust is the mainstream LIES. Ive been watching a few truther historians debunking the entire WWII “fabrication”. Very similar to how Putin is being painted as the bad guy who is actually fighting Nato/UN trying to push their authority into his region. But mainstream are pushing Putin as the bad guy and that fag Ukraine Puppet as the hero. WWII was no different. Hilter was against the Jesuit facism. The Swastika actually represents anti facism. Thats why its been banned, not because of the false holocaust of the Jews which gave them reason to create “anti-semitism” to cast the persecutors as the victims is typical Jesuit tactics. People also in this respect need to use the termonology “Jesuit” not Jew as that implifies all Jewish. Same as you identify CCP not Chinese as the Chinese people themselves are the worse victims of communism and facism pushed on them by their own authority CCP. People need to learn the TRUTH about Hitler what is battle really was, who the true bad SS Nazis were, the Davos and Rothschilds involvement for WWII

8 months ago

First thing I see is the “Xmas Special” with these globalist traitors wearing Xmas hats. When oh when are people going to WAKE UP to Christmas being a Babylonian Satanic Festival and DUMP IT?! I do hope once people wake up to this LIE and what they are really worshipping then they too will denounce the fake “festive season” and I will no longer see images like that shoved in my face under the guise of something good that is actually something very evil