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The Most Terrifying Conclusion From the Twitter Files That Everyone’s Ignoring

Let's cut to the chase. The latest batches of Twitter Files revealed what many of us have known with a near certainty for a long time. Government and their proxies have been censoring American citizens by ordering Big Tech companies to do it for them. This is a clear betrayal of the spirit of the 1st Amendment at the very least and is likely worthy of legal action. The only reason I say "likely" is because for people in and out of government to be criminally convicted, it would all have to go through the judiciary. In other words, it would likely go nowhere despite the fact that laws have been broken prima facie.

But while conservative media is busy discussing the ramifications of censorship and the near certainty that both the last two elections as well as the Covid "vaccine" rollout were dramatically impacted by illegal actions taken by members of our government, there's actually a far more troubling takeaway from all of this. For the various misinformation operations to have gone unreported by anyone in or out of government and media, that means an unfathomable number of people have been aware at the least. Many have been directly involved and we're just getting confirmation of it now.

To put it into perspective, many lambasted Hollywood for keeping the open secret for decades that Harvey Weinstein was a rapist. For him to continue to do what he did meant hundreds if not thousands of people were aware and did nothing about it. That was shocking and many of us attributed it to the demonic nature of Hollywood itself. Now take that level of coverup and magnify it exponentially. That's the implication of the Twitter Files. The coverup is so huge that I'm convinced the reason so many in conservative and alternative media are ignoring it because the scale is too massive for them to comprehend.

It took someone who could spare tens of billions of dollars to reveal that there are at least hundreds of thousands of Americans who were aware before the Twitter Files were released that our 1st Amendment rights are being subverted. Employees at Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and likely dozens of other Big Tech companies were aware. Apparently tens of thousands of employees at government agencies were actively involved in this censorship in some form or fashion. Thousands if not tens of thousands of people associated with NGOs were aware.

Once you add in friends and relatives of these people we can say with a certainty that hundreds of thousands of Americans knew. It may actually be over a million.

A direct attack against the United States Constitution is being waged by our own government and nobody with a voice was willing to obey their oath as American citizens until Elon Musk came along. Nobody. Sure, there may have been whistleblowers and conscientious objectors along the way, but none of them were able to break through to the masses. This isn't an indictment of government's influence. It's an indictment of the powers of the Deep State. The federal government is incapable of coordinating anything for longer than 10 minutes before cracks start showing up. The Deep State can coordinate massive campaigns for decades and if it weren't for Elon Musk, this campaign may have continued indefinitely.

But here's the thing. Even Elon Musk has not been able to break through to the masses. The corporate media silence on the biggest story of the year tells us it's far, far worse than just an attack on our rights by hundreds of thousands of American citizens. Every institution of truth has been subverted from the media to academia to the Department of Justice and all of the supporting industries. It is impossible for this to have happened... and yet it did.

That tells us we're in huge trouble and only God could possibly turn this around if He wills it. Nobody wants to hear this, but the truth is we are incapable of defeating this enemy. Why? Because this isn't just government. It isn't just the Deep State. I believe that for this size of an operation to have remained hidden for so long would require demonic Powers and Principalities. If that's true, and I'm nearly certain it is, then the forces of Satan are controlling things in Washington DC and have been since before Joe Biden was in office. Maybe they've been controlling it since before Trump was in office. Maybe, just maybe, they've been controlling things the whole time. That's what I'll be discussing on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show

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2 months ago

The reality is that Democrats and liberals believe THEIR end always justifies the means. The only wrong is when they are not able to reach their goals.

2 months ago

MSM has evolved from the days of Huntley-Brinkley & Walter Cronkite where, for the most part facts were presented from two opposing perspectives leaving the reader to form their own informed opinion. Sometime between the Jimmie Carter Administration & the Trump Administration, MSM dropped all pretense of “objective journalism” by spewing left wing extremism with every changing eke pronouns that can change at the personal feeling of the alleged “victim” (100+ genders? ridiculous)

2 months ago

It is demonic. and there is no Q, no white hats, no secret trials or executions at Gitmo. America cannot be saved. How else do you explain Trumps’ ridiculous attachment to the vaccines and boosters? why does he keep endorsing people who hate him?
Trump is the ultimate controlled opposition. You keep fighting for him, he keeps sabotaging himself. God is the only One who can save us and it won’t be saving us as a nation, it will be taking His own from out of the world and sending the rest to Hell.

Carlton Johnson
2 months ago

From: Carlton Johnson <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, Dec 23, 2022 at 2:45 AM

Greetings E-mailees,

    Unlike the massive e-mail I sent to you on 12-21-2022(Wed.), I expect this e-mail to be a relatively short e-mail (by my standards, LOL) that serves as an addendum to that 12-21-2022 e-mail. I told you in the 12-21-2022 e-mail that the date of 12-21-2022 will be at a minimum a very divinely significant date. Well, it indeed was just that, even though it was not the date on which the long-awaited, long-prophesied-about, Church changing, world changing manifestations began. When I combine the divine significance/meaning of the number 888 divinedence that crossed my path on 12-21-2022 through a telephone number of a prophet who called my cell phone, with the revelations that came into my spirit as I lay in bed meditating the morning of 12-22-2022(Thu.), I ended up adding several additional parts to the prophetic timeline that began on 7-8-2016(Fri.) and pertains to the pestilence of leprosy I have discussed extensively in various past e-mails. The new version of that prophetic timeline is as follows: The three watches found by my wife in the bottom of a plant pot on 7-8-2016(Fri.) prophetically correlated with/pointed to July 2016 (7-8-2016) being three years before July 2019 (7-11-2019); the three 711s connected with the birth of the baby girl on 7-11-2019(Thu.) prophetically correlated with/pointed to 7-11-2019 being exactly three years before 7-11-2022(Mon.); the four 7-Eleven stores robbed on 7-11-2022 prophetically correlated with/pointed to 7-11-2022 being four months before 11-11-2022(Fri.); the eight “LEPROSY” word in the Bible Code video that crossed my path on 11-11-2022 correlated with/pointed to 11-11-2022 being eight weeks before 1-6-2023(Fri.)(1-6-2023 will be the 2-year anniversary of 1-6-2021[Wed.], on which the following very divinely significant things occurred: [1] fraudulent electoral votes from various U.S. states were included in the electoral vote count that resulted in Joe Biden being fraudulently installed [not lawfully elected] as the U.S. president; [2] the FBI and probably one or more other U.S. federal intelligence agencies, along with various others, including certain top leaders in the Democratic party, Capitol police, members of Antifa, many federal agents and informants, and almost certain many others, carried out a pre-planned false flag (fake) January 6th insurrection [A] to disrupt and to prevent objections being made by various members of Congress concerning the widespread, blatant, and organized/coordinated voter and election fraud and irregularities that occurred in connection with the 2020 U.S. presidential election to steal the landslide victory Trump had; and [B] to frame Trump supporters, who were present at the Capitol to exercise their First Amendment right to petition their government concerning the election and voter fraud that had occurred, as insurrectionists trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power from one president to another, when those agencies and groups named earlier were the real insurrectionists, along with all the other federal and state/local government officials, officers, and agents who were committing treason by carrying out an obvious presidential coup; and [3] I perceived and believed for the first time that the coming worldwide pestilence will be one of leprosy, when I came across the phrase “PLAGUE OF LEPROSY” in a Bible Code video, then researched the Holy Bible to learn that the three recorded times the Lord God afflicted a person with leprosy was because of rebellion against and/or usurping of the God-ordained authority of a God-ordained/appointed leader. Trump was prophesied by various people as the Lord God’s chosen one to be the U.S President in 2016, then again in 2020.); eight days after 1-6-2023 is 1-14-2023(Sat.), which will be the eighth part of the every-8-days pattern that began on 11-11-2022, the 19th part of the every-12-days pattern that began on 5-31-2022(Tue.), and exactly 129 months/561 weeks to the same day of the week and month after 4-14-2012(Sat.)(The fulfillment of the Eight-Part Big Picture officially began, thereby fulfilling or being connected with the fulfillment of at least five prophetic words/revelations, including those revealed to and spoken forth through Aquilla Nash and the late Bob Jones.

    As I said in the 12-2-2022 e-mail (which, along with various other past e-mails, will be copied and pasted below for your convenience), I believe the pestilence officially began on 11-11-2022 for the reasons I discussed in that e-mail. However, as with several other things that already have begun officially, we now await for the manifestations concerning them to begin occurring in the natural, physical, earthly realm in a public and notable manner. Will the pestilence of leprosy begin on 1-6-2023 or 1-14-2023, or maybe even an earlier or later date? Time will tell. However, it definitely will be characteristic of the great wisdom the Lord God has employed/demonstrated in times past throughout history in fulfilling His prophecies, if He chose to cause the pestilence of leprosy, His past choice of judgment against those who commit insurrection/rebellion against the authority of His chosen leaders, to begin afflicting on a massive, worldwide scale on 1-6-2023 ——— the two-year anniversary of 1-6-2021 —– those He deemed most worthy of His judgment, especially those who actually are guilty of real treason and insurrection in connection with the 2016-2019 Russian hoax perpetrated against President Trump to undermine and to overthrow his lawful presidency; the massive, widespread, coordinated 2020 U.S. presidential election and voter fraud that stole the landslide Trump victory; and/or the sham/fake January 6th (1-6-2021) insurrection that was used to stop Constitutionally allowed objections by members of Congress, to frame Trump supporters gathered at the Capitol to protest lawfully and peacefully the fraudulent 2020 U.S. presidential election; and to wage political war and a lying/false propaganda campaign from 1-6-2021 to date against President Trump and the tens of millions of patriotic Americans who support his mostly conservative, America First, pro-Israel, pro-traditional America values and principles policies. Nevertheless, whether that pestilence begins on 1-6-2023, 1-14-2023, 12-29-2022, 12-31-2022, or some other earlier or later date, rest assured it will come and, along with the several other divine decrees discussed in several past e-mails, will transform totally and completely the Church and the entire civilized world. Are you ready? AS ALWAYS, LET US ALL REMAIN HUMBLE, REPENTANT, PRAYERFUL, WATCHFUL, EXPECTANT, YIELDED, OBEDIENT, FAITHFUL, DILIGENT, GRATEFUL, PATIENT, AND PERSISTENT. AMEN! AMEN!! AMEN!!! 

                                                              Infinite love and blessings,

                                                              Carlton E. Johnson

2 months ago

This has been going on since The Act of 1871. The US government opened our nation up to the European central bankers, which of course are those who formed the “Federal Reserve” and later the Bilderberg group. Not friends of the Constitution. In fact not the friend of humanity. Now we have massive child trafficking and I’ve see horror implications of what that’s all about…..unthinkable.

PRAY!!! I pretty much agree, God is not mocked.

2 months ago

All of these things that involve Covid Transmission (this was the beginning of the overthrow of our US Government), education, gender identity, the Climate Hoax which involves cutting off domestic oil supplies, bringing millions across the border are all about reducing the US into a 3rd World country. Go to and watch the shocking truth of the World Economic Forum (Jimmy Evans) This is the main premise for what Biden is doing. Had Hillary been elected this would have started sooner. he is Following the lead of Klaus Schwab (the 4th Industrial revolution is the same as the 4th Reich. Klaus father was Eugene Klaus the munitions supplier for the 3rd Reich and he is following after the Hitlerian attempt of creating the globalists idea of Utopia.) We do not have to be a part of this. Also many in the House and Senate are members besides our president who is following the instruction laid out by the World Economic Forum who’s financial backer is Black Rock. When and if the Senate and Congressional members investigate the connection, they will have the grounds to impeach the president and be able to reveal all of those in the media who are participants in this overthrow of the US. Remember that in God’s Bible we are to be the light unto the world and we can be if we put God YHWH First. The pelio-Hebrew of YHWH is “Behold the Hand Behold the Nail”!

Lorine Shannon
2 months ago

If they were to bust everyone who is guilty of something in DC, the government would shut down. The one to be afraid of, is the one with nothing left to lose, and that would be the people if we allow this to continue.

2 months ago

All of Nasa and tons in politics and industry know they stole the CANADARM from me. Many regular Americans know I could bring back all the manufacturing from China tomorrow, but because of the embarrassment of what happened I’m as much as a leper as any other whistle-blower. You are same as them with less power.