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Vax Injured Man Goes On Epic Rant Against Doctors Hiding The Truth From Their Patients [VIDEO]

“It’s time to start doing the right thing."

"You’re killing people and making people think they’ve gone f*cking crazy!”

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3 months ago

“I’m gonna start calling them medical unprofessionals..These vaccines are doing more harm than good..”
We’ve lost all faith in science in science & medicine as our eyes have opened to the LIES of the entire Medical & Big Pharma Industry!

3 months ago

The unvaxed, used their BRAINS and their 50 years old, 8th grade health class, knowledge to figure out it was all a lie, within weeks of the first news from Wuhan. I even prepped for loss of primary medical care,, just in case. And the vaxed lined up to take the poison. So, to Hell with the ones who took the poison happily.

Red Byrd
3 months ago

the researchers who were knowledgeable about the mRNA scam warned everyone before the vaxx were available that it had never worked and likely would cause harm. some few folks listened and either stayed unvaxxed or took the J&J one dose non-genetic vaxx. now it is becoming obvious that the early researchers were right but the smart gov/pharma/appeasers still won’t admit the truth. that’s because the gov’t big pharma investors still want to make more money by poisoning the children. when elites like Gates claim the need to reduce the population is number one we are in trouble. poison boosters for you and saline for them!

2 months ago

Many people took it to do sports or school things with their kids, didn’t want it were forced or coerced by family, it’s wrong, I guarantee non of them will take another, we need to pray for those who took it ,and be thankful we were strong enough to stand against the bullying.