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CDC Deputy Director Admits COVID Jabs Are Causing Debilitating Illnesses [VIDEO]

"We understand that illness is disruptive and stressful, especially under those circumstances" - Tom Shimabukuro

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1 month ago

Unbelievable! They’ve had two years to study these “vaccines” apart from the trials done by Pharma — how many more people have to die or be crippled by these horrible experimental mRNA drug concoctions for the CDC to start looking out for the public?

All-cause mortalities are WAY up in the entire western world — 10-20 percent in every country. It certainly looks like it’s the “vaccines” and not anything else — the UK experiencing a 9/11 equivalency in unexplained increased mortalities PER WEEK, as an example.

The CDC has ZERO credibility.

Tom SteChatte
1 month ago

It’s been a long time coming, but I am days away from being proven right (the only person I know in the world who predicted it from Day 1, so I’m pretty pleased with myself): the Feds will soon pull the Clot Shots off the market, and the entire World will blame Trump for Warp Speed. And they should!

1 month ago
Reply to  Tom SteChatte

Trump merely eliminated the standard delays, big pharma is responsible for what is in the shots. Problems were evidnet even in the internal testing but were ignored and covered up

Teresa Blosser
1 month ago
Reply to  Art

Trump is to this day, still pushing support for these.
At what point, does his “get out of jail free” card lapse and he is held responsible for the part he ( and others) played in the harming, and killing of Americans and other citizens? Seriously?
Biden is also responsible. They all are.

1 month ago

thank you cdc for killing thousands of americans because of your love of money

1 month ago

they’ve always admitted it. but they insist that it is RARE. when they admit that it is widespread, then you have something to report.

1 month ago

“illness is disruptive and stressful.” brilliant.

Lorraine Smith
1 month ago






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Teresa Blosser
1 month ago

I really feel like this gaslighting and admitting that this hurt people is so that the UN/WHO can come in and “do a better job” & take over everything, getting all nations on the same page of instruction” ( for the ultimate Revelation 6 depopulation reduction and slavery venture of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse that Jesus allows man to show his evil unbridled hellish destruction of desires again unbelievers).

This is all planned out, including this admission. So ready for Jesus all the things he said in Luke 21 after he predicted all the stuff of what happened in 70 AD, and he has a lot to say to us regarding our impending consequences for his church and for those who did not listen.

Even strange warnings in Luke 17 and Matthew 24 about EAGLES & carcasses, and what do you see involved with almost all the US departments that have the EAGLE and their inventions and lies bring destruction! The same includes the CCP has a certain group I forget the name of it Epoch News has a 2.5-hour-long video it speaks of this group and when you look up that name it means EAGLE! The 100-year war against the USA from the CCP? Something like that in the title. So these evil killers all use this symbol that goes back to this insignia of eagles. I do not find that to be a mere coincidence! Biden is getting money from them to destroy us and they all are.

The Bible is trying to warn us. The Masons and the English also have this weird thing for the EAGLE. Look at every one of those injector vax cards, it has the proud and prominent display on the corner of the EAGLE, and death and injury are coming to a lot of those who took that injector! But like Todd Calendar and others have noticed, something big, ugly, and coordinated is coming in the near future for those deceived souls regarding death with this internal kill switch they installed and hijacked the body and systems.

We are not going down like that! I and my family are hunkering down into Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Kinsmen Redeemer, and Deliverer. He forgave me, indwelt me by his Spirit, is transforming me. I am waiting for him and the inheritance he is going to give to his new creation.

Get into his new creation by faith in Jesus’ blood, immediately. His gospel still saves & His Mercy is still available while it is relatively easy to come to the Bridegroom, as the Heir of all things. (Heb 1: 2). I suggest you follow suit and bury yourself in him as the Ark of Salvation because he is. He won’t accept money, or good works, only faith in his blood. That is how it works!