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General Michael Flynn and Boone Cutler on 5th Generation Warfare – Self Defense Warrior Podcast

Jeff and Pat have a mind blowing discussion with psychological warfare expert, Boone Cutler and General Flynn about their new joint venture and instructional manual on a citizen's guide to 5th generation warfare.

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Gary Norton
5 months ago

Just tell everyone that the Ukraine war is a crock of crap and mostly fake and the are all nazis that closed Christian churches and locked the preachers up

5 months ago
Reply to  Gary Norton

Just understand if they were truly “Nazi’s” they not be under the auspices of the Globalist world control system under the Central Bankster[Kazarian] NWO that the real Nazi’s fought against = proof is in the fact Adolf’s Germany went after Globalist installed genocical Stalinist USSR tooth & nail…!

ie = so its merely a ruse to throw off insight into what’s really what…,
This yields cover under devisive divisions & confusing obfuscations as U.S. fiat FED money pours in before ~
“WE the People” Awaken to the light of truth of the hidden bigger real picture [UN Agenda 2030 & WEF’s Great ReSet]

O’Biden and most nations leadership are installed puppets to facilitate these Globalist purposes…!

5 months ago
Reply to  Gary Norton

Thee dangerous weapon is major OMMISSIONS of the truth in ~
God & Scripture
MISINFORMATION = divisio & misdirection by at least 95%