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General Michael Flynn and Boone Cutler on 5th Generation Warfare – Self Defense Warrior Podcast

Jeff and Pat have a mind blowing discussion with psychological warfare expert, Boone Cutler and General Flynn about their new joint venture and instructional manual on a citizen's guide to 5th generation warfare.

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Gary Norton
29 days ago

Just tell everyone that the Ukraine war is a crock of crap and mostly fake and the are all nazis that closed Christian churches and locked the preachers up

27 days ago
Reply to  Gary Norton

Just understand if they were truly “Nazi’s” they not be under the auspices of the Globalist world control system under the Central Bankster[Kazarian] NWO that the real Nazi’s fought against = proof is in the fact Adolf’s Germany went after Globalist installed genocical Stalinist USSR tooth & nail…!

ie = so its merely a ruse to throw off insight into what’s really what…,
This yields cover under devisive divisions & confusing obfuscations as U.S. fiat FED money pours in before ~
“WE the People” Awaken to the light of truth of the hidden bigger real picture [UN Agenda 2030 & WEF’s Great ReSet]

O’Biden and most nations leadership are installed puppets to facilitate these Globalist purposes…!

27 days ago
Reply to  Gary Norton

Thee dangerous weapon is major OMMISSIONS of the truth in ~
God & Scripture
MISINFORMATION = divisio & misdirection by at least 95%