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John Kerry Roasted & Exposed, Here’s What He & His WEF Globalist Pals Are Really Up To – Bermas [VIDEO]

"They're changing the language. They're changing the culture. They're moving the goalposts." - Jason Bermas

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8 months ago

Stephan Oelrich stated at the opening ceremony of the world health summit 2021. That if people knew the covid vaccine was gene therapy 85% wouldn’t of taken it. You can find a video of him making that statement. How they knowingly deceived the population to take the jab. When they all knew it was gene editing. Sick how they played the people with their s Dr. Jekyl Mr. Hyde BS on the world population

Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
8 months ago

Alas, arrøgantly şelf-aðulating, nąrcissįstic €lite, cąBaalistic crimįnal paŕasites–as wĥol€s–will always be eXactly tĥus anð nøtĥing more–butt TĤĄT–wĥetĥer liminally ør overtly §o!

Ĥence poor §ouls: Beware of şły €VĮLS’ cøn°niving føul şĥills’n møles’ na°§ty §ubliminal §eduction marketing’s fauX røles in wĥat amount to an ĥistorical COSMIC SCAM–planð€mic’n ALL, a§piring to €ffect ĥumanity’s fall. . . Lolz – Pi§ĥ’n Click 💫☝️💫

8 months ago

What absolute horse sh*t from these people.
The sustainably they talk about is their sustainable control of the people.
As far as AI goes that is a complete failure. All AI can do is pattern matching and that is about all it will ever do. Once you get one question beyond the scope of what the AI system you’re “talking” to “understands” you instantly get nonsensical responses from it. It cannot transition to a change of context. AI is an illusion.

8 months ago

These globalists need to be killed ASAP.

Peter Paul
8 months ago
Reply to  Tom

Damn right. There needs to be a mass culling…but not of us filthy “goyim.” The elites.

8 months ago

‘ We , a select group of human being’s ‘ WTF ? what a parasite ,, selected for the wall and the world will be a better place ,, what a fag !