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Nearly a BILLION People in China Have Covid Now With 80% “Severe” – JD Rucker [VIDEO]

There are known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns in this world. I'm not a fan of that last one, but that's where we stand with the Covid-19 saga unfolding in China right now. Nothing that's happened over the last month and a half has made any sense, and that should concern us all.

It started with the protests against the Zero-Covid policy that prompted rare mass protests across the authoritarian nation. When the government inexplicably dropped their restrictions and essentially went to an All-Covid policy, my assumption was they were going to teach the people a lesson by giving them what they asked for before coming back around a couple of weeks later and saying, "See, we told you freedom was overrated. We're reinstating restrictions now."

That didn't happen. Now we're learning that there is a massive surge of Covid-19 infections to the tune of 900 MILLION, with 80% of the cases categorized as "severe." My reaction to the article by Alex Wu from our premium news partners at The Epoch Times was, "What the ****?"

On today's news clip broadcast for The JD Rucker Show, I walked through the article and offered up theories about how any of this can possibly make sense. My conclusion bodes ill for the United States and the freedoms of our citizens. This all smells like a coordinated effort between the Chinese Communist Party and the globalist elite cabal to launch the triggering event that will justify the worldwide adoption of the Pandemic Treaty. I'll be discussing that possibility in-depth during the live show.

Whatever is happening, it's not what we're being told... or not being told. It's conspicuous that a billion people infected with Covid in China isn't making the national news in the United States. One would think the vaxx-nannies would be screaming about this while the mask tyrants would be calling for more power. The fact that there is mostly radio silence on this issue reinforces my belief that this is all part of a greater globalist plan.

Here's the article I discussed by Alex Wu from The Epoch Times:

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